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Guard Your Yard with Skeeter Hawk

With summer weather upon us, it’s time to spend the days outdoors and in short sleeves. Along with the warm weather and blooming nature, there’s also an annual nuisance making a return appearance – mosquitoes and other flying insects.

As families enjoy being outside, they will also need to guard against flying bugs and pests, and the folks that can help with that are the makers of Skeeter Hawk.

Skeeter Hawk’s complete flying pest defense systems include zappers, traps, bait stations, and wearable repellents that protect your family from the danger of mosquitoes and harmful chemicals everywhere they go: on the patio, around the perimeter of your home, in nature, and even on your person.

Skeeter Hawk zappers feature 360° UV light that attract moths, June bugs, mosquitoes and thousands of other flying pests. Once attracted, bugs are zapped by the electrical grid, eliminating the need for any swatting and smacking on your part. Skeeter Hawk even has a rechargeable electric hand zapper racket for those times when you want to take the zapping into your own hands.

Their patented LED-based, dual-band UV technology is highly attractive to the vast majority of flying insects, including mosquitoes. Their vertical grid design makes their units more efficient and easier to clean while keeping your outdoor time pest-free.

For those who prefer a whisper-quiet solution, Skeeter Hawk offers a line of traps. Each one incorporates UV light and a whisper-quiet fan that attracts and traps a variety of pests in your backyard, around pools and patios, including mosquitoes, house flies, fruit flies, June bugs and more.

To protect your backyard area, the Skeeter Hawk mosquito bait stations are just the thing; using UV light technology and a natural solution to draw in pests. The all-natural solution they feed on kills them off before they can breed again.

Skeeter Hawk wearable repellent wristbands and carabiners use a blend of essential oils that repel insects effectively. They are the only wearable repellents utilizing all essential oils not dominated by citronella. Their ingredients—geraniol, lemongrass oil, and citronella oil—have proven to be more effective than citronella alone at repelling mosquitoes and won’t leave you smelling like a chemical plant.

From zappers to wearable repellents and traps to bait stations, Skeeter Hawk offers customized flying pest systems for everyone. Find the system of Skeeter Hawk products that will work for you and your family by visiting  https://skh.acgbrands.com/en_US/find-your-system/.

About Skeeter Hawk:

Skeeter Hawk is a full line of mosquito flying insect defense products that combine safe, all-natural ingredients with powerful elimination technology to provide effective protection free from harmful chemicals and foul odors. Skeeter Hawk is the only leader in insect defense brands that uses patent-pending dual band LED technology for its UV attractant products. Additionally, Skeeter Hawk’s proprietary repellent formula is the only wearable repellent made of all-natural essential oils that is not dominated by citronella, a combination which has proven to be more effective than citronella alone. Skeeter Hawk is owned by Alliance Sports Group, L.P., a U.S.-based company. Visit us at https://skh.acgbrands.com/en_US/

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