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Gun Owners Rejoice: Military Grade Corrosion Prevention is Here

20100328_zcorrbagrifle_shotgunVictor, N.Y., – It’s an inevitable, and very frustrating issue for any gun owner, collector or enthusiast: rust and corrosion on your firearms and ammunition. Heritage Packaging, of Victor, N.Y., set out to tackle this problem, and create a solution for those who want to meticulously maintain or preserve their valuable assets, even during long term storage. Their solution is their line of Z-CORR Firearm Storage & Preservation (FSP) bags, and they’re causing quite a stir in firearm communities nationwide.

“The Z-CORR FSP bag is the only product on the market that offers total corrosion protection, over multiple years, for a properly stored firearm,” explains Bill Smith, President of Heritage Packaging. “Competitive products don’t even come close to providing this same level of protection for the length of time that a ZCORRFSP bag does.”

Using the bags is simple; slide a clean rifle, pistol, tactical weapon or ammunition into the puncture resistant, non-abrasive interior of a Z-CORR FSP bag and close the Velcro seal. Retrieve your firearm up to ten years later, and it’s ready to use without a need for cleaning or re-oiling, just like the day it was stored. Zero maintenance, zero rust and zero corrosion – that’s the power of ZCORR Products.

ZCORR FSP bags work using a combination of Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) technology and barrier packaging materials to completely prevent rust and corrosion on firearms and ammunition. The interior layer of the bag is impregnated with the non-toxic VpCI chemistry that dissipates into the air inside the sealed bag. It forms a one molecule thick corrosion preventing layer on all metal surfaces of your firearm. The protective VpCI layer dissipates when the firearm is removed from the bag, with no cleaning necessary. The anti-corrosion qualities remain effective for approximately five years for a bag that is opened and closed frequently, or well over 10 years for a bag that is not opened and closed.

In 2003, Heritage Packaging designed and fabricated a high-tech, anti-corrosion bag in response to a solicitation from the U.S. Marine Corps. The goal was to develop a new flexible packaging system that would provide superior protection from corrosion on Marine Corps M-16 Rifles. The Z-CORR FSP bags are the commercial version of those military bags. A government testing facility subjected the military bags to extreme temperatures, high humidity, free fall drop tests, and repetitive shock tests, to determine not only their anti-corrosion properties, but their durability as well. The resulting government test report described the bags as, “easy to use, with no rust or corrosion on any rifle, no condensation in any bag, and unaffected by any of the durability tests.” The military bags are still in use by the U.S. Marine Corps today, utilizing the exact same anti-corrosion VpCI technology as the Z-CORR FSP Bags.

Heritage Packaging is an American family-owned and operated business, with over 20 years of experience in the packaging industry. Using skilled engineers, and the latest in fabrication equipment, they convert flexible materials into innovative packaging solutions for customers worldwide. Their award winning services protect assets and products from undesirable elements such as rust, corrosion, temperature extremes and electro-static discharge. Heritage Packaging’s cost-effective methods and dedication to customer satisfaction make them a leading manufacturer of high-quality, protective packaging systems.

To learn more about Z-CORR FSP bags, please visit  ; their recently enhanced website which provides comprehensive information on how the technology works, and how and where you can make a purchase today.

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