Harmony HollowA tale of adventure, friendship, and outdoor exploration, Harmony Hollow is a children’s book that speaks to the connection children have to the great outdoors.  In spite (or maybe because of) the extensive amount of time children spend in front of a screen – computers, video games, the Internet, etc. – Kramer writes this book to entertain his own grandchildren and perhaps inspire them and others to head outdoors.


Harmony Hollow, a chapter book geared toward young boys, is a story about three boys, ages 12 or 13, who are itching to explore a deep valley they have named Happy Hollow.  Knowing their parents will never allow them to take off into the unknown for several days, the boys devise a plan to go camping in a nearby park with their parents’ blessing.  Instead of camping in the park, however, the boys head down into the hollow, unsure of what they will find.



About the Author:  Donald G. Kramer is a father of four boys and a grandfather of two boys. This is his second children’s book, the first being Disaster at Lunker Lake.  Kramer was inspired to tell this story by a view of what seemed like a bottomless valley between two mountain ranges near Walla Walla, Washington.


“This book came out of my own experiences enjoying the outdoors when I was younger,” says Kramer.  “I wanted my own children and grandchildren to experience that world, too.”



Product Details:

  • Publisher:  AuthorHouse, January 17, 2006
  • ISBN:  978-1425900453
  • 82 pages
  • Available on Amazon.com in paperback and e-book versions