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Hilleberg Allak 3 Review

Hilleberg Tent Review

We got the opportunity to test the Hilleberg Allak 3 tent on a hot weekend in Nebraska.  Though we had tried to use the Hillegerg on a mountain hike in Colorado, we ended up much close to home at a campground at Bluestem State Park.  We set up close to the lake but still far enough to be on our own.

We found the Allak 3 to be easy to set up.  Due to our own lack of organization, we did not have the pitching instructions with us, but after having set up many different tents in our lifetime the Allak 3 was easy to figure out.  The poles on this tent are outstanding.  They also come with a repair kit specifically for the poles because you never know.  I have broken a pole after tripping on a stake and falling into a tent, so I know that it can happen.

The Allak 3 is set up for three people, and honestly, it is very well done.  I could easily live in this tent for several days with two other people if we had to ride out a storm.  I would also very happily take this tent with me on any kind of expedition with just two people.  The extra room in the Allak 3 would be great on an hunt because there would be extra room for more gear.

The inner tent is very well set up, and the vestibules on both sides of this tent allow you to enter from both sides of the tent.  This makes it convenient to enter and exit the tent.  The vestibules on this tent are big enough to hold the biggest of packs.  The Allak 3 also can be fitted with an optional mesh inner liner which can be used on its own or buttoned onto the outer tent replacing the standard inner tent.  The head room on the Allak 3 is outstanding.  I was able to sit up on my knees and I still had room.  Fully packed, this tent weighs 8 lbs. 3 oz.  This may see a bit on the heavy side, but split between two or three people, it is more than reasonable especially for the protection of a true all-season tent.  The Kerlon 1200 outer tent fabric and 9 mm poles make this tent basically bomb proof in all but the very worst of conditions.

The Allak 3 is the tent that I want on any kind of expedition hunt for 2 or 3 people and our gear.  Because the quality is exceptional, I am happy to pack that couple of extra pounds in order to know that I have a tent that will hold up to anything I can throw at it.  Hilleberg tents cost more than others, but the quality of these tents is absolutely the best in the industry.

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