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Hoosier Hunter Custom Calls Review- Mitch Strobl

With turkey season fast approaching, hunters across the land are picking up their calls and are yelping away. It is no secret that turkey hunting takes dedication, and most of all experience. In my recent article I discussed the importance of decoy setup location. Location and calling go hand in hand; both can make or break a hunt. With this concept in mind, I urge you to get on your calling sooner rather than later, preparation is key when it comes to any sort of hunting. I have been lucky enough to test some great mouth calls from Hoosier Hunter Custom Calls this year. These calls are a great add to my collection, and they most certainly will be in my vest come spring.

The Real Big Hoosier Hen-
The Real Big Hoosier Hen mouth call is super call designed for the seasoned caller who has technique and control. The deep inverted V cut makes the Real Big Hoosier Hen a good call for hard clucks, cuts and cackles, and overall aggressive, loud calling. If you have a good grab on mouth calls, and most of all are confident in your calling, Hoosier Hunter Custom calls has the call for you. While the Real Big Hoosier Hen is not the most forgiving call that Hoosier Hunter Custom Calls provides, it produces one of the most realistic turkey sounds available in mouth calls today.

The Big Indy
The Big Indy series is designed for both novice and seasoned callers alike. The Big Indy is composed of 2.5 reeds with a top reed of orange latex (.003) with the Fang cut. This call is a forgiving call that produces loud and soft pure sounding rasps, purring, cackling, cutting, clucking, and of course yelping. My favorite part about this call was the ease of transition. Going from loud aggressive calling to soft calling was extremely smooth, and both levels sound spectacular. This call is great for any hunter in any situation.

Hoosier Hunter Custom Calls also specializes in custom box and slate calls. The best part about these calls is they sound as beautiful as they look! Check out Hoosier Hunter Custom Calls today at


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