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How a Hunting Dog Spawned a Clothing Brand’s National Success

ENTERPRISE, Ala. – The story of popular clothing manufacturer Southern Point Co. is one that goes back more than a decade. It’s also one shaped by the outdoor lifestyle of the South company founder Brent Howell grew up in and led to the creation of Southern-inspired fashions appreciated by all Americans. But that’s not the start of the story.

To get to that, you must go a little further back. You must go to a sunny day after a short run by a field where Brent Howell’s dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer named Greyton, caught the scent of a bird and began pointing. Howell, who had recently graduated and was working in real estate, and who also loved bird hunting, admired Greyton’s pose and snapped a quick photo.

“I loved that dog,” says Howell, owner of Southern Point Co. “We had a game room in our house when I was growing up that had hunting paintings hanging up and one of them was of German Shorthairs hunting. I always thought how pretty those dogs were.”

In his final semester of college, he finally bought one, Greyton, the inspiration for the brand.

“I lived in a tiny one-bedroom condo back then, and I guess both of us being cramped in there, we became the best of friends,” Howell says.

With the love for his dog and from that photo on that sunny day, an idea began to take shape. Howell, whose favorite style of shirt had always been quality, brand-name polo shirts, thought the image of the pointing German Shorthair, would make a great logo on a polo. He hadn’t ever seen a shirt with a logo like that, nor had he ever seen a shirt with a logo that evoked that Southern sense of style and love for bird hunting that his would.

“I always had an eye for details and a passion for good clothing,” says Howell. “As I researched my idea, I realized there are companies that have logos on clothing that people are buying just because other people are buying them but that they don’t really relate to. But from the dog standpoint, I felt others would be able to relate to that, particularly here in the South.”

Howell began researching suppliers and educated himself on fabrics, blends and seams. He spoke to a friend who had a store and helped him sell his first shirts and was also referred to a sales rep. His business began to grow from a couple of stores to 10. It wasn’t long before Howell quit his real estate job and went all in on his clothing business.

Today, Southern Point Co. clothing can be found in more than 400 stores as well as numerous online outlets. And the product line has expanded well beyond Howell’s beloved polo shirts to include Hadleys, tee shirts, flannel shirts, swimwear, shorts, athletic pullovers, vests and more.

While Greyton, the inspiration for Southern Point Co.’s unique logo, is sadly no longer with us, his memory and inspiration live on not only in the logo of the brand, but also in Stella, the new mascot who can now be found bounding about the offices of the company. Like Greyton, Stella is a German Shorthaired Pointer whose development and training are being captured in photos and on video that will be shared through the company’s website and social media over the coming months and years.

Stella represents the next chapter in Southern Point Co.’s dynamic rise in popularity and will continue to represent the great designs the company continues to deliver.

About Southern Point Co.:  At Southern Point Co., we focus on detail in both material and style. We finish off each shirt with a Southern staple, the logo. For owner Brent Howell, the logo could only be designed after one thing—his dog, Greyton. Each Southern Point Co. shirt is marked by our signature German Shorthaired Pointer logo. Man’s best friend representing man’s favorite shirt—and now a host of other clothing designs. Visit us online at or catch us on social media on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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