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How To Use Turkey Calls by Tammy Ballew

How To Use Turkey Calls.

Slate calls are one of the easiest calls to learn to use, and picked up quickly by beginners.  Simply pull the striker across the surface of the call for a variety of turkey vocals. A yelp is made by making small circles with the striker. Another very effective call obtained with a slate call is the purr, obtained by dragging the striker slowly across the slate. The cluck can be made by making a quick and sharp pull of the striker on the slate.


Many beginners prefer the box call. The sound is produced by sliding a wooden lid across an open box in a rhythmic motion, thus the caulk, caulk, caulk. The box call also makes an excellent purr by dragging the lid across the open box in a slower, more drawn out motion.


Mouth calls are harder to learn to use, but there are many DVDs and websites available to help with this technique. The advantage of the mouth call is the hands-free calling and the
reduction of movement likely to alert the turkeys.


The push box or modified box call is another great call for beginning callers. It can be held and operated with one hand. Simply press the end of the striker sticking out of the end of the box in long strokes to get the purr sound, shorter strokes for the yelp call.


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