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Hunter's Specialties by Tammy Ballew

I always love working the fall hunting classics at the large retail sporting goods stores as a representative for Hunter’s Specialties products. Everyone coming in is getting pumped up for bow season, elk and deer season, and many other fall outdoor venues. It’s exciting to see the new products available in the shooting industry, and I enjoy sharing ideas and products with hunters. Many of them just want to stick with their old tried and true products, while others seek out the new items to try out. I learn a lot just listening to their stories and experiences, and hopefully they gather a few pointers from me.

I had the privilege of meeting and working with Tyson Rutledge, a Pro-Staffer for Hunter’s Specialties at the Columbia, Missouri, Bass Pro on opening weekend of the Fall Hunting Classic. Tyson is very knowledgeable and personable with the customers, giving advice and demonstrating the use of many of the H.S. products.

One of the new H.S. products that several customers were very interested in is The Kruncher. The Kruncher is designed to stop deer, triggering an involuntary reaction that seems to calm them. It’s been determined to cause them to stop and look for something to eat. The pros at H.S. explain that it’s a great tool in early season, pre and post rut. It’s small enough that it can be held in the palm of your hand and doesn’t take up a lot of room in your gear bag.

Another superb product is the Vita-Rack 26 mineral. This product provides year round nutrition to your deer population, as the formula contains vitamins and minerals necessary for whitetails to reach their full genetic potential. The mixture also helps maintain a healthy immune system. The granules contain calcium and phosphorus for bone and antler development and Vitamins B and C for nutrition, which deer instinctively seek out. Use of this product is sure to keep them coming back for more.

A couple other attractants were the Super Talker and the Rattling Bag. As Rutledge would demonstrate their use and function, passersby would gather and listen intently to the effectiveness of these calls. With the Super Talker’s unique design, you can produce realistic sounds, from fawns to bucks, with a simple fingertip control. The protective rubber coating makes for a comfortable mouthpiece, and the hardwood reed assembly will not freeze or lock up in cold weather. Equally as enticing to the big bucks is the Rattling Bag. Simply hold the bag open-handed with both hands and aggressively roll it in the palm of your hands, imitating the sound of bucks fighting and clanging their racks together in the process.

H.S. is also well-known for their truly effective Scent-A-Way products. It’s necessary to use a system if you want to be successful at smelling invisible. Their products are created for washing, storing, cleaning, preventing and neutralizing human scent. Some of the products they have available are laundry detergent, body soap and shampoo, deodorant, odor killing spray, toothpaste and mouth rinse. My personal favorites are the Scent Wafers and the Travel Bags. The Scent Wafers are a cover scent, which cover your odor for hours. They can be worn attached to your clothing or they also have a hanger for hanging near your stand. The wafers come in a variety of scents; White Oak Acorn, Fresh Earth, Natural Pine, Natural Cedar, Doe Estrus, BucRut/Whitetail, Western Sage, and Cow Elk Urine, whichever suits your hunting needs. They can also be tucked in the Scent-Safe Travel Bags with all your hunting gear, ensuring that your human scent will be masked when you head out for your next hunt.

One of the great things about the dog days of August is knowing that fall is just around the corner, and with it opens up a myriad of hunting opportunities. Check out the many Hunter’s Specialties products available to use in your upcoming hunts. You are sure to find a new favorite.[wpg_thumb height=”200″ width=”180″]

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