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Hunters Unite by Rebecca Francis

bNow more than ever, hunters need to come together to fight the bigger fight. We are being attacked from every angle by anti-hunters. They are not specifically attacking the “African hunter” or the “hunter who baits” or the “the hunter who uses hounds”. They are not just attacking the “rich hunter”, the “poor hunter”, the “deer hunter” the “treestand hunter”. The are also not just attacking the “rifle hunter”, the “bow hunter”, or any other “kind” of hunter. They are attacking HUNTERS…..period. It is more important than ever before that ALL hunters come together and unite to ensure the future of hunting.

We are at risk of losing our right to hunt. If we don’t stand together as hunters, no matter how we choose to hunt, they WILL WIN. I repeat, they WILL WIN. After my recent 20/20 interview, I realize now more than ever, that our future is in the hands of the uninformed majority. The majority that has never set foot in the mountains. The majority that has never been one on one with a real wild animal in their natural habitat. The majority who doesn’t even know the names of their own North American animals, such as an elk, a bighorn sheep, or the difference between a black bear and a brown bear. That is scary! True hunters know every North American animal, along with the specific habitat of every species, their specific feed, and their specific patterns. We know these details because we are out there….with these animals. We spend time with these animals! We are providing a future for these animals! The people who are trying to dictate our rights to hunt literally do not comprehend our world. The only world they recognize is the world of kilobytes and terabytes, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft, Samsung and Iphone, concrete jungle and metropolis, high-rise condo and the subway system.


b3We are in grave danger of losing the last piece of history that connects us to the beginning of time.  Hunting is a natural, normal, and ethical way to provide food for your family.  This is a skill that has been used for as long as people existed.  Buying meat at the supermarket, or a restaurant is an unnatural, impersonal, and unhealthy way to provide sustenance for your family.   This futuristic type of provision has only been “in style” for the past few years.  Yet hunting, has been around for as long as man as walked on earth.

Largest cattle slaughter facility in Latin America, with a double-feed single line that can kill and process 240 cattle per hour, turning them into various beef products ranging from steaks, to hamburger (for McDonalds) to ground hoofs and bones for animal food. Different beef parts are sent to various countries. Average annual production is 900,000. I was told by my guide, a 28 y.o. veterinarian named Debra, that 90% of their product is for export, but not able to get verification as plant manager was absent when my visit was over.

Hunters are the last of an era stemming from the beginning of mankind. Frank W. Marlowe, an evolutionary anthropologist, suggests that humans were hunting as far back as two million years ago. Interestingly enough, he also suggests that women hunted along side their companion two million years ago. However, with the evolution of time, hunters are the few who still experience real life in the God’s country. Hunters are the few who still experience God’s untouched creations. Hunters are the few who use wildlife the way it was intended to be used….as a renewable resource that provides food, clothing, tools, jobs, and on and on. Hunter’s see reality. We don’t sit in a restaurant and eat a burger that we think magically appeared on a delivery truck. We don’t sit on leather couches and think that leather was manufactured by the local IKEA. We know the truth. These resources came from animals.

So no matter what kind of hunter you are….. African hunter, North American hunter, treestand hunter, spot and stalk hunter, hounds hunter, or bait hunter. WE ARE ALL HUNTERS!!! WE ARE ALL AT RISK. It’s time to unite…no matter the differences and fight for our future. We not only have a God given right to hunt….but a God expected right to hunt! The way it is intended to be……..



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