Weekend hunting report from Saturday December 1st, 2007.  I spent the day out on the Martin Farm in Richardsville, VA.  This farm usually has a high concentration of deer on it during the rifle season and I am not sure what is going on.  The rut seems to be over and the deer seem to be hanging in the thick oaks where there is an abundance of acorns.

I have some great pictures from the day and I had my first day in the stand with the GunTriever and I really like this product.  I did unload my gun and decided to do a test and drop the gun off the stand with the Guntriever attached and it held my gun with the barrel going down to the ground.  This is a great product and you should all check it out.  For the price, I will carry it with me whenever I plan on going into the stand.

This might be my last day in the deer woods until the 24th of December in which I will get a morning hunt in before heading home to family to cook our Christmas Eve Dinner.

Hope you all like the pictures!
GunTriever2 GunTriever3 Martin01 Martin02 Martin03 Martin04 Martin05 Martin06 Martin07 GunTriever