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HuntingLife 25 Best Christmas Gifts for Hunters – Kelly Kettle

Welcome to our 25 Best Christmas Gifts for Hunters, Each day we are going to pick an item from our collection that should give weary shoppers an idea of some of the things that hunters really want for Christmas!!!

HuntingLife 25 Best Christmas Gifts for HuntersIf your Hunter’s or Huntress’s on your gift list are into coffee like some of my friends in the hunting world, being able to brew up a great cup of coffee in the outdoors is a pretty important aspect of thier enjoyment of the outdoors.  Being able to brew up a cup of coffee without having to pack in a full fledged stove is also pretty important and coming up with a ightweight tool to heat the water for a cup of instant coffee, hot chocolate or warm soup all in one unit is essential.  Kelly Kettle to the rescue.  I got one of these unique tools about 6 months ago and have had the opportunity to use it several times out in the field with great success.  The Kelly Kettle has a simple set up that has a small warming pan underneath that you fill with Grass and Tinder and an open flute design whcih acts as a chimney that gets warm and you can drop small sticks down the side.  The water inside surrounds the fire so all of the heat is transferred to the process of boiling the water.  Ingenius!!!!

The Kelly Kettle packs well in my bag though it is a little bulky, and I always carry an old beat up t-shirt that I can rip up with my knife should I need a good firestarter, cotton burns really well.  Using small Starbucks Instant Coffee and a bottle of water, I fill the unit with the water, boil the water and pour it into the pan/cup that came with my unit and dump in the instant coffee.  The unit will work to scramble up a couple of eggs as well in the pan but as of yet, I have not had the opportunity to try that out yet, but i have cooked a couple of hotdogs on this unit while out in the field and it worked quite well

Check out the Kelly Kettle for a unique gift for those back country hikers and hunters on your Christmas List.

Kelly Kettle Cup

Kelly Kettle Cup2

Kelly Kettle

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