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HuntingLife 25 Best Christmas Gifts for Hunters – S4Gear

Welcome to our 25 Best Christmas Gifts for Hunters, Each day we are going to pick an item from our collection that should give weary shoppers an idea of some of the things that hunters really want for Christmas!!!

S4Gear stormed the market this year with 3 great products for hunters that are well built, innovative and provide hunters with 3 tools that are exceptional for hunters.  We tested two of these products and one cannot stay on store shelves long enough for us to actually pick one up, but we already know we want em because we have seen the videos and heard from others how great they are.  Lets go through all 3 products and we know the hunters/huntresses in your life will be bouncing with excitement opening these up on Christmas morning.




The LOCKDOWN The LOCKDOWN provides a binocular strap system that keeps your binoculars secured cleanly to your chest without bouncing around, they call it Anti-Bounce Technology, we call it great design either way it works whether you are running and gunning, riding horseback or on an ATV.  Once your ready, you can release your binocs for tension free glassing from the moldable security cover.  The system allows you to quickly drop the bino’s and pull up your gun or bow and easily make a shot.  We suggest if your going to be bow hunting that you practice with these on your body and quickly learn how to secure them before you shoot.  We liked these in all situations with the exception of belly crawling but of course there just isn’t a strap system out there that works for belly crawling.  What we did however really like was the ease with which we could unsnap our Binos from the system and slip them into the back of our jacket for crawling.  We found these to be overall exceptionally easy to use and well made.




The SIDEWINDER EVOThe SIDEWINDER EVO is a quick detach belt clip that works by clipping onto your belt and providing a complete tethering system for your GPS and Rangefinder and any other tools you need while hunting.  Your rangefinder is attached via a Kevlar Cable and the belt clip has a LeverLock feature that ensures that your valuable electronics are attached completely.  If you have ever misplaced(AKA LOST) something like your phone or rangefinder in the field you can be assured that it is not going to happen with this system.  I personally have had to backtrack 2 miles of trail to find a rangefinder that came out of my pocket on my jacket so having the SIDEWINDER EVO on my belt this year really was comforting.




The FREESTYLE 720The FREESTYLE 720 is not something we have had the chance to test but I can assure you the first chance we can find two of these to test out in our new blind, we are forking out the checkbook and picking a couple of these up.  720 degrees of rotation, silent operation, portable, more comfortable than a typical fold up chair.   closed cell molded foam and easy rotation allowing you to quickly move from window to window and rotate silently all while providing a simple portable design makes this product a winner.








Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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