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HydraPak Expands Product Offering With Introduction of Water Filters

New filters seamlessly integrate with existing products

Oakland, CA (February 1, 2023) – Offering a wide range of hydration solutions for outdoor enthusiasts, HydraPak has developed a new line of water filtration systems to allow access to potable water in the backcountry. Designed to seamlessly work with their water storage, flexible bottles, and reservoir lines, the filters deliver fast and easy water filtration around camp or on the trail. 

“We’re excited to introduce filtration products into our ever-expanding line of hydration solutions. The addition of filters ensures clean drinking water is never in short supply,” said HydraPak President Matt Lyon. “Adventure depends on water, and we’re constantly looking for the best way to help keep athletes hydrated so that they can continue to do what they love.” 

Each HydraPak filter effectively removes common waterborne bacteria and protozoa from approximately 1,500 liters of water at a rate of >1L per minute*. There are two filter accessory designs available: A 42mm filter cap and a 28mm filter kit.

42mm Filter Cap – The new 42mm Filter Cap is compatible with all HydraPak 42mm opening products, including running flasks, Seekers and Flux bottles. The cap is equipped with a high-flow nozzle and dust cover that opens and closes with one hand while preventing contact with dirty hands. Users can drink directly from the nozzle or squeeze filtered water into another vessel. Weighing in at 2.0 ounces, this filter offers a lightweight and durable filtration solution for just about any activity. 

28mm Filter Kit – This, first of its kind, filter gives adventure-seekers the option to thread directly onto bottles and flasks, or connect to 

Plug-N-PlayTMsystems used on reservoirs and and water storage 

containers. The 28mm Filter is an ideal backcountry water treatment solution whether you are gravity filtering your water out of a water 

storage bag, or filtering as you drink from a Stow bottle or HydraPak reservoir. The Kit comes equipped with both a cap and backflush 

adapter. In addition to filter accessories, HydraPak has introduced the “+” series, denoting products that come equipped with filters for a complete hydration solution. The FluxTM+ 1.5L bottle, and SeekerTM+ 3L and SeekerTM+ 6L set a new standard for lightweight,

fast and versatile backcountry water filtration. Flux+ – The newly redesigned FLUX series is shaped like a hard bottle, compresses like a soft flask, and cuts weight by 60 percent. The Flux+ comes equipped with the 42mm

Filter Cap so you can roll and squeeze into other containers or to directly drink freshly filtered water on the go. Plus, it also has a newly designed bail handle to keep hydration secure in your hand or on your pack. 

Seeker+ – HydraPak is expanding its popular water storage series to include filter products in 3L and 6L sizes. The Seeker+ 3L comes equipped with the 42mm Filter Cap, whereas the Seeker+ 6L Gravity Filter Kit includes an inline hollow-fiber filter and HydraPak Camp Tap. The Seeker+ series is one of the lightest weight, high-capacity, filter-ready water storage solutions available. 

HydraPak’s new filter products are available now at HydraPak.com, REI.com and other quality retailers. 

*Effectively removes common waterborne bacteria, such as E. coli (99.9999%), and parasitic cysts (99.999%) per EPA Guide Standards and NSF P231 and microplastics (99.999%) per NSF 42 greater than or equal to 3.0 microns in size. 

For more information, go to HydraPak.com

Media can download filter media kits and assets here. For more details on HydraPak’s affiliate programs, go to AvantLink

About HydraPak 

Over the past two decades, HydraPak® has become the number one original equipment manufacturer of reservoirs and soft flasks in the world. The company was founded in Northern California with a mission to create flexible and durable hydration

products for recreational, athletic and military use. Its owned brands, Polar Bottle® bicycle squeeze water bottles and Bottle Bright® all-natural cleaning tablets, are leaders in their categories. By offering a better way to hydrate, HydraPak has pioneered new product categories and become a trusted partner for hundreds of renowned global brand partners.

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