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Initial Product Review – Sitka Gear

There is no question that I am an addicted and proud gear hound.  I am always happiest either in the field testing out great gear or at the great outdoor conventions talking with vendors about their newest offerings.  In 2006 at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Elk Camp, I had the pleasure of seeing the very first edition of Sitka Gear and I was as amazed then as I am today.

I purchased that very first set of Sitka Gear and I have never been happier, until last week.

Last week I got my newest set of Sitka Gear .

In the Spring of 2006, I had the pleasure of meeting Jason Hairston and Jonathan Hart and at that time I was a dedicated elk hunter and hunting guide in the mountains of the Idaho panhandle.  I had just burned through two sets of gear over 18 days, ripping pants, blowing out buttons and realizing that the clothing on my back was just as important as the bow that was in my hands.  If I was going to be successful there had to be a better way.  Meeting Jonathan and Jason changed how I thought about gear.  These two were living the dream, doing high country hunts, gaining and giving up altitude on a daily basis they created a system that works.

Last year I took that same system to Manitoba where I hunted the Interlake Region for opening week of rifle season and it was cold for the last couple of days.  They told me that it was no where near as cold as it usually is but it was still cold.  I sat in the stand from 6am to 6pm for 6 days straight and I can tell you whether I was in the tree stand or in a ground blind without moving much throughout the day, I was cold.  It was not the gears fault, it just was not made for sitting in 8 degree weather all day long.

Step Forward to 2008

This year, Sitka Gear came out with several sets of gear for hunting a variety of conditions, whether it is the active hunting for sheep in the high country, chasing elk over 1000’s of vertical feet or hunting in the stands of the extreme North. Sitka Gear has a system that can work for your hunts and this November we are going to test it out and provide the feedback right here on this site.

Our initial thoughts on the Sitka Celsius Bib and Jacket is that it is substantially warmer then the Ascent Pants and 90% Jacket that we have.  Coupled with the Celsius Vest and Traverse Shirt and Bottom this system is going to be an absolute joy to wear.  What truly impresses me with this gear is thought that went into each and every pocket and each and every zipper on this system.  The zippers are all set up with quality zipper pulls and many of them are rubberized and you can easily see that they will hold up to just about any condition.  This clothing covers all of the basis.  It is not cheap gear and it is not built cheaply. This is gear for hardcore hunters who are willing to push the limits and get out there and hunt in any condition, in any altitude and pursue the game where ever the trail takes them.

The team at Sitka never ceases to amaze me and this week they announced a new partnership with W.L. GORE.  Gore-tex is going to be a part of the Sitka Gear Line in the coming years and together they created something that is going to absolutely blow you all away.

Tomorrow, we will be talking about this new development and partnership. Here is a tease!!!







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Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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