Happy July 4th, 2011!!!  We are honored to be able to celebrate this great day and to still have the freedom to celebrate this great day in our amazing country.  Team HuntingLife would like to thank all of our American Servicemen, our American Law Enforcement Officers and our American Fire FIghters and EMS Staff across this great country.

We would like to encourage each of you to take a moment today and make a small donation to the USO to help sponsor a care package for our American Servicemen who are serving in foriegn lands across this great planet of ours protecitng our freedoms and the freedoms of men and women from all walks of life around the world.  Most of us are going to be watching fireworkds tonight or sunrises and sunsets out in god’s country and I am hopeful many of you will step up to the challenge and donate a few dollars to help send a care package to one of our servicemen oversees so that we can see a few more smiles explode across their faces!!!