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Live Hunt Day Five with Brad Desjarlais Guiding and Outfitting in Saskatchewan Canada

Today was filled with lots of wind and a couple of great spurts of action all in low shooting light.  We had a small 9 point at first light with a ton of does running in all directions… The 9 point hit the trail of the does and went the wrong direction.  He had 9 points and no length or width so he walked for another year.  I saw a little fork about 40 minutes later and then the action pretty much shut down for the entire day.  The wind was about 9-10 miles an hour and the temps hit 49 degrees today.

About 5:15 a small spike came running through and when he hit the woods he must of gotten wind of another buck because he took off really quickly as a doe stepped out into the bait and another buck was behind her.  At this point the shooting light was only about 5 minutes left and the buck was shootable but the camera was acting up so after a quick set of lessons tonight we are going to be back at it tomorrow.  After evaluating the pictures we have decided that this 8 point needs to be culled from the tribal herd.  He is a mature buck at close to 300lbs on the hoof and we are going to keep our eyes out for him.

Another great day in the woods with sightings of ravens, geese, an eagle, a coyote and lots of deer.  The sounds of ice cracking and chirps from the lake bookended by a beautiful sunrise and sunset.

We are back at it for day six with Brad Desjarles and because of the weather and the heat, we are going to see what hits the bait tomorrow and if this buck steps out again, we are going to whack him to assist the tribe with culling the herd.  We have figured out the camera and we will be able to get the footage if he gives us enough light and we look forward to another great day in the woods with the team from Brad Desjarles Hunting and Guiding

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