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Live Hunt Day Three with Brad Desjarlais Guiding and Outfitting in Saskatchewan Canada

Today was filled with some really amazing bursts of energy filled with lots of big gaps… This morning six does were run out by a young buck in front of the stand and I got a little bit of footage as a second buck came in that I am pretty sure would of been a good shooter but unfortunately, I never got a shot opportunity as he continued to push the does off for land far far away.

About 11:30am I heard crunching to my left along the lake shore and I could not figure it out… I got up looked out the window and here comes a moose….Actually four of them.  A cow, two calves and a small little bull all came right by my blind and I could of taken each of them out with a bow they were all so close.

About 12:30 a young spiker came by and ate some food in the bait pile and it was close to another 5 hours until I saw deer again.  A young 8 point came in with a tremendous growth or tumor on his sternum.  I felt bad for him and I wished he had been a shooter but he just was not there and not what I came to Saskatchewan for.  Dinner was excellent and unfortunately Mother Nature is not helping because the Kestrel Weather Meter hit 56.2 degrees today in the shade and that is just not what we expected here in the great white north….Where is the white?

The company has been great.  Brad has two great guides his brother Brian and Buck.  Buck is an older guide(older then I am) and he has been full of some great stories about past hunts and the area that we are in.  I am really enjoying the opportunity to learn a bit about this area and the First Nation Lands we are hunting on.

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Kevin Paulson

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