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LockeyU Knocks down a Huge Mountain Lion

Frank Schmitz is one of those guys I look foward to hunting with here in the near future.  I was thinking about a spot and stalk bear hunt or an archery adventure chasing bugling bulls but now I am thinking this is the cat hunt that I want to go on in the next couple of years.  I would love to take a couple of great mountain lions, one in the tall dark timber of the west and one out in the open country of the desert.

Rich Hlaudy got his dream cat hunting with Frank Schmitz this January.  Here is the story I got from Frank, “We had a big hunting day yesterday. We had been chasing a big mountain lion and found his tracks 4 times, but always a day late and a dollar short. However things changed in a big way yesterday as we cut his track early and had him treed by 9:00 AM. He weighed approximately 200 pounds and measured 9ft. 7in. from nose to tail. Enjoy the pictures”, Frank Schmitz.

If you are looking for the hunt of a lifetime with a man who is truly living the Hunting Life give Frank Schmitz a call at LockeyU Outfitters.

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rich hlaudy cat 027

rich hlaudy cat 035

rich hlaudy cat 041

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