I had been searching for a good, versatile deer call for years.  I have tried some calls from Primos, Knight and Hale, and Flextone.  Although some of them were very good calls, I just couldn’t get the sound I wanted out of them at the volume that I wanted.  I had an opportunity to test out a couple of deer calls from Madison Deer Calls, made in Apple Valley, Minnesota.  As soon as I received the calls in the mail and blew on them the first time, I knew they were something special.  The sound I heard was crisp and actually sounded like a buck grunting.  I couldn’t wait to get them out in the woods!

Let me just say that they did not disappoint me!  Nearly every time out with these calls I saw deer and they responded to the Madison calls.  I had multiple shooter bucks in range looking for the deer making the irresistible sounds, unfortunately, none of them offered me a good enough shot or good enough footage to shoot.  I look forward to using them more during late season and using them for seasons to come.

Madison Deer Calls owner, Todd Madison, loves chasing whitetails in the fall.  He has spent years making his deer calls what they are today.  He offers his deer calls in many different types of woods (15 to be exact!) and some of the best customer service you can find.  Because of these different woods, each call offers a different sound and for very reasonable prices.   These calls will continue to sound good year after year.

They would make a great Christmas gift for a hunter, and you can order yours now and get them in time for the holidays.  Go to www.madisondeercalls.com for ordering information.

maple walnut calls in blind with mastins