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Magnet Gun Caddy Product Review

I am constantly on the lookout for great simple products that can help hunters be a little safer at a reasonable price point.  The Magnet Gun Caddy is just such a product.  It has a soft sided magnet that sticks to the side of your vehicle and some foam that allows you to slide in the barrel of your rifle or shotgun into the foam and protects the side of your vehicle from scrapes and protects your gun from falling onto the ground.

This product also works well with your gun safe as well or anywhere else a magnet would work.  It also works really well for fishing rods so you can keep dirt from getting into your reel and keep your rod from landing underneath your feet or the tires of your vehicle.  I am looking forward to using these inside the duck boat this fall as well to hold up the guns inside the blind.

Now, no loaded weapons should ever be leaned up against a vehicle and it is everyones responsibility to constantly police ourselves, friends and family to keep actions open and weapons unloaded around vehicles or in groups and situations where someone can get hurt.  It is often these situations where poeple get lax about gun safety and having 3 or four of these simple Magnet Gun Caddys in your glove box can allow everyone to set thier guns against the vehicle and catch up on the days events.

These are simple products that will protect your weapon from being damaged and falling on the ground and protect the side of your vehicle from scratches.  With a price of only $10.00 you cannot afford not to get one.


Magnet Gun Caddy – Portable Magnetic Gun Rack







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