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MidWest Outdoors Television Celebrates Its 2000th Episode

The hit TV show “Friends” produced 236 episodes over 10 seasons; “MASH” had 251; “The Simpsons” are up to 768. But they all pale in comparison to a fishing and hunting show based in Illinois, “MidWest Outdoors TV.” This weekend, MidWest Outdoors Television (MWO TV) premieres their 2000th episode.

Founded in 1967, MidWest Outdoors became a household name in the outdoor community with “MidWest Outdoors” magazine. Expanding their reach, they launched the MidWest Outdoors TV show in November of 1985. Since then, MWO TV has been on the air every single week. 

MWO TV’s popularity grew as they perfected their formula for success. Each episode typically features three unique segments, usually targeting different species, in different locations, and often presented by different hosts. The fast-paced format has lured in both audiences and sponsors over the show’s nearly 40-year run.

Since its debut, MidWest Outdoors TV has grown from airing on one small station in the Chicagoland area to the most watched outdoor show in the Midwest, airing all across the Midwest on up to 30 local and regional networks, with nationwide exposure on the Pursuit Channel. In addition, segments and tips from the award-winning show can be found weekly on YouTube. 

The 2000th episode of MidWest Outdoors TV will be a special look-back episode of their history and some of the more memorable moments they’ve had over the years, and will air beginning June 8, 2024 in select markets, and eventually on their YouTube channel,

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MidWest Outdoors is all about fishing and hunting in the Midwest and Canada: where to go, what to use, and how to use it! With thousands (yes, thousands!) of outdoor magazine articles and video posts each year, MidWest Outdoors offers fishing and hunting tips, marked fishing maps, nature notes, recipes, gear reviews, industry news, events calendars, vacation-planning ideas, seasonal patterns and trends, safety and instruction, contests, and much, much more. MidWest Outdoors lives up to its promise of Helping you enjoy the outdoors.

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