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Mojo Teal Review by Josh Morrissey

It has become an increasingly popular tool in the waterfowl hunting world, and rightfully so, as it has proven to be effective.  Movement in a decoy spread is the key to bringing in the birds.  Mojo Outdoors comes out with better motorized decoys every year.  In the past year, their Mojo Teal has been catching the eyes of hunters and ducks all over the country.  I used one throughout the last year with great success, so great that I bought another one!

There are many advantages to the Mojo Teal.  First of all, it is a much more economically friendly motorized decoy.  A Mojo Mallard will cost well over $100, but not the Teal.  You can find the Mojo Teal for $60 easily, and with a little shopping around, even less.  Secondly, the fast spinning of the wings perfectly mimics the look of a real teal flying around the pond.  I had ducks flying away from me and all of a sudden whip around like a boomerang and drop right in to my spread!  Another huge plus is that battery life is not a problem, as one battery for me last year lasted over 60 hours of hunting, without turning it off, in all conditions.  The size of the Mojo Teal is also a pro.  It is much smaller than the Mojo Mallard and much lighter, so you can easily carry 2 or 3 of these just as easy as you could carry 1 Mojo Mallard.  Also, not only does the Mojo Teal work for ducks, but also for other various birds, such as pigeons and doves.  You will be amazed by how the pigeons and doves react to this decoy!  It brings them in like they are hypnotized!

The only real problem with this decoy is the short support pole that comes with it.  I frequently hunt in open water that is a little too deep for the 3 foot pole, because you definitely need to stick the pole far enough in the ground to support the decoy so it doesn’t go for a swim!  Mojo Outdoors does, however, have extension poles that you can buy for a fairly reasonable price.  Also, be careful to not knock off the black feet of the decoy in the water, as they do sink and you most likely will not find it.  I can tell you this from personal experience!  Mojo Outdoors does not yet offer replacement feet for the Mojo Teal.

Mojo Outdoors has done it again.  They continue to amaze me with their new products every year and they are quality.    Overall, the Mojo Teal is an excellent investment for any duck hunter to make.  You can buy 2 or 3 of these for the same price as 1 Mojo Mallard.  If you and your hunting buddies are looking to make your decoy spread come alive and add ultra realism to it, the Mojo Teal is for you.

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