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Mom's First Hunt by Taylor Rather

The day finally came, we were taking my Mom hunting for her first time. When morning came she was the first one up. She told us to get up before she changed her mind and decide to crawl back in bed for more sleep.

She was ready to go.  Dad had her suited up to keep her warm, because it was very cold outside.  We got in the truck and headed out.  She said she really wanted to harvest a turkey first before a deer, but if the Big One steps out, it was hers.

We walked in the woods and found a great spot next to a tree.  Dad made sure Mom had the best seat.  He brought her a small folding chair to sit on so she could lean back on the tree and be comfortable.  She sat in the middle and Dad and I sat on each side.  We explained to her not to make quick movements if we heard something.  As the sun was coming up, Dad and I did some turkey calls trying to call in a turkey for her.  She heard something moving, but it was only a squirrel playing around.  She was getting excited!

A few hours went by and we hadn’t seen anything.  Mom got tickled at me because all she could hear was my stomach growling.  Then Dad’s stomach started and Mom said she had gotten cold and stiff from sitting. So we packed up and went to Hardee’s for breakfast.

While in Hardee’s people approached us asking if we had seen or had any luck this morning.  One person thought it was great to see  the whole family in on hunting.  After we ate, we decided to go to the house for a while and take a break until later that afternoon.Around 3 p.m. Dad asked Mom if she wanted to go back out.

I was amazed at her answer, she said sure.  So we headed back out, but this time we went to our favored spot, Grandma’s house.  Grandma and Grandpa couldn’t believe what they were seeing.  Mom was actually going on a hunt.  Grandpa wished us luck and told Mom to get the big one.

We found our spot and of course we made sure Mom was comfortable in her chair seat.  She still wanted her first kill to be a turkey so that’s what we started calling for.  She sat very still and was barely moving about.  We heard some movement and again just a few squirrels moving about.

As Dad did the turkey calls we could hear an owl calling back.  Mom thoughts that was great.  It started to get dark and we had to pack up and head back home.  Mom said she had a great time even though we didn’t see any turkeys or deer. Ask if her if she wants to go again and she will say………

“Of course, I’m gonna get the BIG ONE”!!!!

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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