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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Hunting Mom

By Bethany Beathard

Time to ditch the web suggested lists. Stop roaming the ‘Mother’s Day aisle’ in the department stores. Get her something she really wants or could use! Here are a few gift suggestions you could consider for the special outdoors woman in your life.

New Hunting Apparel!

 Most women love new clothes or would appreciate updated items. With the advancement in female hunting apparel lines, these leading companies have really put the “designed for women, by women” creation into reality. Outdoor gear has never before had the feminine fit and functionality like it does today! Starting off with a bang, DSG Outerwear just released a new line up of women’s 2023 hunting apparel. Just in time for spring, we have their Bexley 3.0 collection, made of a lightweight breathable ripstop material that is water repellent in light rain. Perfect for your dewy spring mornings or misty afternoons. The Bexley 3.0 comes in sizes XXS-5XL and is offered in four different camo patterns: Realtree Edge, Excape and Timber, as well as Mossy Oak Obsession.

Thinking ahead to late season, have you ever noticed women tend to get colder faster than men? Dr. Rob Danoff, of Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine, explains that “women have a lower metabolic rate, and tend to produce less heat than men do, which makes them feel colder.” Again, companies like DSG Outerwear have begun addressing this issue and created heated gear tailored to women. They offer a heated vest, heated wool blend socks and heated gloves made with a fantex waterproof membrane.  Each item comes with a rechargeable battery providing up to 5 hours of use. In addition to their heated gear, DSG Outerwear has produced a variety of insulated options. Instead of offering only early season and late season choices, they have created an assortment of selections varying by insulation. Now, we are seeing mid-season or mid to late season collections. Furthermore, the female boot collections have expanded, producing boots from 400 gram up to 1400 gram! We all know Mother Nature accommodates no one and we are going to have to endure the elements. However, the excuse of the frigid temperatures is no longer a reason to keep her from staying outdoors. I know the thought of shopping may also scare a few of you. Many people do not like to purchase clothing due to the difference in sizing, especially, when purchasing over the internet. Don’t fret, most outdoor female outdoor clothing lines offer gift cards. This is a great way to be intentional about the outdoor gift without buying items three sizes off!

Firearms and Accessories

You can hardly ever go wrong adding to “Her Arsenal.” Contrary to popular belief most women want the same weapons men do! Consider getting her a different caliber, an updated conceal carry or maybe an upgrade to her most used weapon. Firearm manufactures have paid heed to the growth in women hunters. We are now seeing rifles and shotguns being constructed with a female fit in mind.

Savage Arms 11 Lady Hunter

Savage Arms released the 11 Lady Hunter and the 111 Lady Hunter offering a wide range of big game calibers. They raised comb tailored to a female fit, shortened length of pull and provided a slender grip. The balance point of the 20-inch, light-taper barrel has been shifted, making it feel lighter, yet it provides enough weight to absorb recoil. Overall, this is a lightweight design custom fitted for female shooters.

Some additional features are user-adjustable AccuTrigger, detachable box magazine and its already drilled and tapped for scope mounts. MSRP $1009

Weatherby Camilla

Weatherby also released the Camilla series of centerfire rifles comprised of four bolt-action rifle models. Caliber options 22-250, 243, 308 win, 6.5 creedmoor, 7mm-08 rem. This design incorporates a high comb, along with a number of other features that make this rifle superbly comfortable to shoot. MSRP $899

Likewise, your options for shotguns have never been better. Though, not all are actually made for women it is all about the fit and most standard 20 gauge and some 12 gauges’ are quite accommodating to women hunters. Though, there are a few that have been built from square one for women; for instance, Syren XLR5 Waterfowler, Franchi Affinity Catalyst and Fausti Aphrodite, to name a few. Weapon accessories are always nice too. For your waterfowl lover, Dive Bomb’s dry-gauge shotgun case or any of Dr. Duck’s waterproof backpack collection would be great additions.

Under the weapons category I would also recommend looking into your local gun range. Many ranges have women only classes and events. It is always nice to meet other like-minded women. You could not go wrong purchasing her a membership so she could get her own range time and possibly make new friends. When considering any additions to “Her Arsenal” give some thought to new safety protection. With the advancement of technology, the ear and eye protection options are really taking off. Toroe Eyewear, Wiley X, and Dillion Optics have begun bridging the gap between basic safety glasses and fashionable eye protection.

 Likewise, many brands such as Walker, Decibullz, and Axil have produced high quality hearing protection to fit any budget. When choosing proper hearing protection, for her, there are a few things to consider, weapon choice, shooting scenario, preference and fit. According to the CDC, the human ear begins to experience hearing loss, damage, and or pain with sounds over 80 dB. Most centerfire rifles and many centerfire pistols, unsuppressed, are in the range of 140 dB to 168 dB. So choosing the proper fit is key. Thankfully these companies looked passed just offering a different color option; but, actually offer diverse sizing, slimmer fits, and even custom molds. I mentioned considering shooting scenarios’ earlier, meaning if I’m on the range like a muff style. However, in the duck blind I gravitate towards an electronic ear bud style so I can still keep conversation without removing the device. If she is a on the go spot and stalk hunter a quick passive earplug would be the way to go. These are light-weight, cheap and can be carried with ease in her pocket until the time to use arises. Trust me, she will appreciate the extra thought when choosing these type of gifts.


The advancement in female outdoor items did not stop at clothing and firearms. For the first time we are seeing female upland, turkey vests, and hunting packs. The list goes on and it is pretty incredible. I remember when I got into hunting the selections were thin.  Moreover, pieces were often subpar quality, I ended up purchasing men’s and extra-large youth items. Those times are over now and I cannot express the difference. DSG Outerwear and Orvis all have produced quality upland vests featuring shell cargo pockets and a large small game rear compartment. You may have caught on by now but the theme in female gear is fit! The details make the difference.

When considering a hunting pack think of the questions you would ask yourself. Does waterproof matter? Is the need a light day pack or heavy duty pack-out style? Is she hiking long distance and an incorporated gun or bow sling necessary? All these are valid now that being said most packs fit that bill. So what makes it a female pack?

Alps Outdoorz Women’s Monarch X Hunting Pack

Looking at Alps Outdoorz Women’s Monarch X Hunting Pack it was designed to fit a woman’s frame, with contoured shoulder straps, a smaller waist belt and shorter torso length. This pack is heavy-duty and has everything you need to hit the high country and pack out your harvest.  It features a full capacity of 2800 in³ / 46L and lightweight  coming in at only 5 lbs 4 oz.  The design incorporates a hydration pocket and port. This pack includes a rain cover. Additionally, displaying an unique waist belt design includes pockets, anti-sway straps and accommodates clip-style holsters. Retailing at $229

Women’s Mystery Ranch Pop Up 30 Pack

A good mid-range pack offering the best of both world is the Women’s Mystery Ranch Pop Up 30 Pack. Featuring a new POP-UP FRAME that converts this daypack into a load-hauling system for shorter day hunts that better distributes weight on our shoulders. Plus, the Women’s Mystery Ranch Pop Up 28 Pack has plenty of convenient features giving you the ability to haul all your gear, tripods, and trekking poles. New pop-up frame with telescoping frame utilizing trekking pole technology

Nice large zippered back pocket with mesh elastic dividers for organization. For added comfort you have bottom, front and side compression straps. This pack is hydration reservoir compatible. Highlighting autolock Buckles Prevent Slippage.

There are pockets for water bottles, and a rifle or tripod pocket. Retailing at $329

DSG Light-Weight Backpack

This is a ultra lightweight pack perfect for your everyday hunts. There’s nearly 1,800 cubic inches of storage! This lightweight pack is made up of soft, quiet, durable 300D fabric. The design is a large compartment with divider and zippered interior pocket. Additionally, there is a smaller compartment with divider. The small compartment has built in tree stand shelf or basket capability. Featuring hideaway padded hip belts with zippered pockets. A nice addition is the hideaway safety orange rain fly. A nice tactical element is the molle attachments in four places. Outside gear carrier buckles

Quick access mess pockets are found on the sides. Lastly, the comfortability and customizability are continued with the padded back and adjustable shoulder straps. Retailing at $119 you can beat that deal!

FREE Gifts That Are Really Priceless

If you are reading this, then you are looking for a gift for a special woman. As a hunting mom I cherish time I get in the outdoors. I would bet she does as well. It is hard to get outdoors as much with the little ones needing you too. Create a coupon book or raincheck for time in the outdoors, without the kids. Maybe gift her the coveted opening day out!

Listen, we all know the outdoors is uncomfortable and sometime Mother Nature is brutal! Having the newest or nicest gear is not necessary; however, it makes for a more enjoyable time. Also, think about items that would make whatever her favorite hunting season easier. A good pair of binoculars, new calls, and heated gear are just ideas.  I hope you find the perfect gift for the special mother in your life. In the world we live in, we need the ones we care most about to know they are cherished.

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