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My Wingshooting Hungary Adventure

Wingshooting Adventures Hungary from Wingshooting Adventures on Vimeo.

I had the great pleasure of getting to join Jack Jansma of Wingshooting Adventures in Budapest, Hungary back in 2011 for a wingshooting Hungary Advneture.  We had an amazing time together and I filmed footage from all of the shoots as well as over 2000 pictures.  I even had the pleasure of getting to shoot a few pheasants on one of the shoots and it was a tremendous thrill to be able to hold that beautiful Arrieta 20 gauge in my hands and take aim at the pheasants being pushed high over the trees.   Budapest is one of those cities that I dream of returning to someday and getting to eat a meal at Gundel’s as well as see the Budapest Opera House will always remain highlights of the trip.  The time I got to spend with Jack and Agnes on this trip will always be the biggest highlight of my trip to Hungary and I know those that get to go on these trips will think just as highly of the quality dinners and time with these two amazing folks as one of the highlights of their trip.  The shooting is exceptional but the real reason to go on this trip is getting to shoot with legend like Jack Jansma!



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