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NDA Debuts Online CWD Resource Center and New FAQ Video

The New CWD Resource Center is full of videos, articles and information dedicated to education on CWD as well as relevant news and updates.

INDIANA, Pa. – (April 13, 2020) —The National Deer Alliance (NDA) has released a video on America’s most frequently asked questions regarding chronic wasting disease (CWD), as well as a full CWD Resource Center focused on providing important and accurate information about the disease in a format that hunters will appreciate.  

The new frequently asked questions video covers the latest information on CWD and includes 14 questions from hunters across the country. The primary purpose of the video is to educate hunters about the disease while addressing common areas of confusion. In addition to providing excellent information, the video is filled with stunning footage and graphics that will be appreciated by viewers.

“We’re excited for the launch of this first-of-its-kind video that addresses the most commonly asked questions about CWD by hunters,” said NDA president and CEO Nick Pinizzotto. “CWD is a confusing topic and there is a lot of misinformation out there that makes getting accurate information to hunters even more challenging. We worked with top CWD experts to answer these questions and no matter where you hunt in the country, this video is a must-watch.”

CWD Resource Center

NDA is dedicated to providing accurate and timely information about deer and deer hunting and is a credible source that hunters can rely on. With CWD being the most significant issue facing deer, hunters, and ultimately broad wildlife conservation, the organization launched the CWD Resource Center. The Resource Center is regularly updated with the latest news about CWD and also includes original content created by NDA. The unique format of the Resource Center compliments the CWD Alliance website, which is the best resource for CWD history, science, and the latest research.

“Our CWD Resource Center is designed to provide important information to hunters and others who want to learn more about the disease in a manner that is accurate while uniquely using talented writers, videographers, and graphic designers to deliver the message,” said Pinizzotto. “We recognize that CWD isn’t a fun subject, so taking care to provide content that is both informative and palatable is a focus of our effort.”

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About National Deer Alliance:

NDA is a nonprofit organization with a mission to serve as the guardian for wild deer conservation and our hunting heritage. Focusing primarily on issues at the policy level, NDA is a leader in advocating for sustainable, science-based conservation of wild deer and fair-chase hunting, and is a source for credible, responsible, and timely information. NDA is an established and respected leader in the fight against chronic wasting disease. Learn more at


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