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NEBO Power Presents the Assist 800 Jump Starter

Nothing can leave a person feeling more helpless than finding a dead battery in a car when needed. Whether in a dark, empty parking lot or on a lonely back road, a flat car battery is unexpected, inconvenient, and can lead to a dangerous predicament. Even if there’s a set of jumper cables in the trunk, they are of little use unless there’s another vehicle nearby to provide a boost. And if there’s no cell coverage, no rescue number in the world will help. So how can such a situation be prevented?

NEBO has the solution with the NEBO Assist 800 Jump Starter, a 3-in-1 utility that provides jump starting, charging and a light in one convenient, rugged, compact design. With 800 peak amps of power, any 12-volt car, truck, or marine battery, along with 4-liter gas engines, can be jumpstarted.

Employing NEBO’s patented Smart Protection, the Assist 800 provides a three-step jump start with a spark-proof design, keeping users safe with the latest smart battery technology. The Assist 800 also features two USB-A outlets for multi-device charging, allowing for recharging USB-powered devices such as tablets, smartphones or other essential electronics. 

The Assist 800 has an integrated floodlight with white, red and red S.O.S settings, making it the ideal tool when changing a flat tire at night or alerting oncoming traffic to a breakdown. The Assist Jump Starter’s LCD color display is easy to read, removing the guesswork of monitoring power levels in harsh situations.  

Constructed from durable, lightweight materials, the Assist 800 is built to withstand the elements. The housing is dustproof and water resistant, with port covers to protect against the elements, allowing for power during inclement weather. It weighs just one pound, which can be easily carried wherever portable power is needed.

Explore the full line of NEBO products by visiting nebo.acgbrands.com.

NEBO Assist 800 Jump Starter


  • 3-in-1 Advantage (Jump + Charge + Light)
  • 800 Peak Amps
  • 12V Vehicle & Marine Versatility (4L Gas)
  • 3-Step Jump Start Process & Spark-Proof Design
  • Patented Smart Protection
  • LCD Color Display
  • Multi-device Charging (2 USB-A)
  • Floodlight (White, Red & Red S.O.S.)
  • Dust Proof And Water-Resistant (IP65)


  • MSRP $99.99
  • SKU NEB-JMP-0001


At NEBO, we believe that breakthroughs and big ideas always require unconventional thinking. Having sold over 30 million of the world’s best-selling lines of innovative, consumer-friendly flashlights and tools, we never stop creating. We expand the possibilities for our consumers by offering more than just the brightest lights on the market. At NEBO, we continually innovate to offer the highest quality LED lighting products at the best price so that you can keep making and doing. We exist to bring light to what you do. Visit us at www.nebo.acgbrands.com

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