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Radio Frequency Arrow Tracking System Helps You Find Game Regardless of Conditions

Pro-Tracker® Archery, the highly acclaimed manufacturer of the number one archery game recovery system, invites you to learn more about the Pro-Tracker Recovery System. This system uses a specialized radio frequency with a signal emitter and receiver that is activated upon impact with game animals. It helps you recover your game, day or night and in any weather, giving you peace of mind in knowing that you will be about to find the animal after the shot.

“Every ethical hunter is troubled by the thought of losing wounded game,” said Gary Christensen, owner of Pro-Tracker Archery. “Once you release the arrow, there are things you can’t control that can affect your ability to find the animal that can make a hunter just sick to his or her stomach. This system gives archers more confidence that their game will be recovered, regardless of the weather, shot placement or even cover of night.”

The Pro-Tracker System tracks your game, not your arrow, by detaching from the arrow and staying in the hide of the animal. Using radio transmission, the transmitter allows you to pinpoint the location of your fatally wounded animal. The tracker works with any fixed-blade broadhead, and horizontally-opening mechanical broadheads. The transmitter and carrier must rest on top of the arrow shaft. The transmitter deploys when the arrow penetrates the hide of the animal. Your arrow continues to penetrate while the transmitter remains in the hide. From this point, the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver, giving you direction to find the animal. The transmitter has a battery life of 18–20 hours and a range up to 2 miles. It uses the same basic technology as a radio tracking collar used with hunting dogs or biology studies and is not affected by weather or lighting conditions that can ruin a blood trail. Since the transmitter stays with the animal, it is more reliable than lighted nocks, too.

The system includes the Radio Frequency Transmitter Alpha. Its bright green color is optimized for high visibility in low light conditions. It is made from high tensile-strength steel hook with three barbs to firmly lodge it in the hide. It comes with two 7075 aluminum carriers that can withstand high-velocity impacts. The Tracking Radio Frequency Receiver has a backlit LED screen that can track up to six transmitters at once. You can get a decent idea if the animal is down because the receiver shows if the animal is moving or stationary. The receiver uses a YAGI directional antenna, to get you to the animal faster. Don’t worry about breaking the transmitter during practice, as the system includes a practice “dummy” Transmitter Alpha to help you get zeroed in well before the hunt. You should use a soft target for practice to simulate an animal and its hide. A charger, carrying case and extra retaining clips are included, and additional transmitters are available.

Give yourself peace of mind and the confidence that comes from knowing that you can recover your animal after the shot regardless of the conditions. Get the Pro-Tracker Recovery System and get ready for the hunt. For more information, go to the Pro-Tracker Archery website.

Pro-Trackery Archery is based in Rexburg, Idaho and is an award-winning manufacturer of archery hunting products including the Pro-Tracker Recovery System, the revolutionary radio-frequency tracking system that helps hunters retrieve game regardless of the hunting conditions. The company also produces the Bad Boys FOC arrow sleeve that increases an arrow’s FOC for deeper, harder impacts, and a full line of Pro-Tracker Archery carbon arrows designed and built to the highest standards of archery performance. For more information on Pro-Tracker Archery, go to

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