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New Master Series WL1500 and SL25 from NEBO Lights

Any job worth doing is worth doing right. But that doesn’t mean the job has to be made harder by using heavy, hot work lights on the job site.

NEBO can help make the job easier while being done correctly with the right lighting source. Their new Master Series of LED-based lights can help get the job done quicker and with less hassle.

The Master Series combines rugged construction, increased reliability, and consistently bright LEDs to get the work completed on the job or at home.

What makes the Master Series a key lighting tool in any project is its Optimized Power Curve, which efficiently utilizes battery power to provide a steadier and more consistent light beam.

The WL1500 Omni-Directional Work Light is rugged, reliable and rechargeable. It features two independently articulating arms and two adjustable C•O•B light panels. With eight light modes, including three dual, three single and two red light modes with run times of one to 20 hours, the WL1500 will get the right amount of light where it is needed. It is USB rechargeable, includes a 4,000 mAh power bank, is waterproof and impact-resistant.

The SL25 Spot Light + C•O•B Flood Light is a rugged, magnetically rechargeable spotlight that can provide a light beam a quarter of a mile long. It features a C•O•B floodlight, magnetic base, reversible clip and tripod mount, making it a versatile tool for any project. The SL25 has three lighting modes from 30 – 500 lumens with a 6.5 to 10.5 hours run time. It is USB-C rechargeable with a magnetic mode select dial, is waterproof and impact-resistant, all while weighing just half a pound.

Explore the full line of NEBO products by visiting nebo.acgbrands.com.


NEBO MASTER SERIES WL1500 Omni-Directional Work Light


  • Five Light Modes, Including Red Light Strobe
  • USB-C Rechargeable
  • 4,000 mAh Power Bank
  • Smart Power Control (SPC)
  • Optimized Power Curve
  • Rotating Magnetic Handles
  • Rotating C•O•B Panels
  • Impact Resistant
  • IP67 Waterproof


  • MSRP $69.99
  • SKU NEB-WLT-1010



  • Three Light Modes
  • USB-C Rechargeable
  • Magnetic Mode Select Dial
  • Smart Power Control (SPC)
  • Optimized Power Curve
  • Tripod Mountable
  • Reversible/Removable Steel Clip
  • Powerful Magnetic Base
  • Impact Resistant
  • IP67 Waterproof


  • MSRP $134.99
  • SKU NEB-SPT-1005


At NEBO, we believe that breakthroughs and big ideas always require unconventional thinking. Having sold over 30 million of the world’s best-selling lines of innovative, consumer-friendly flashlights and tools, we never stop creating. We expand the possibilities for our consumers by offering more than just the brightest lights on the market. At NEBO, we continually innovate to offer the highest quality LED lighting products at the best price so that you can keep making and doing. We exist to bring light to what you do. Visit us at  www.nebo.acgbrands.com

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