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New Plano EDGE™ Standard/Utility Boxes

Grand Prairie, TX (April 6, 2020) “I’ve always been a big fan of Plano’s storage boxes. They’ve been an integral part of my success over the years,” boasted BASS Elite Pro and Plano Pro Staffer Seth Feider. “As good as the Stowaway® series boxes are, the new EDGE™ boxes make storage and organization simple and allows me to concentrate on fishing instead of searching and untangling.” 

Over two years in the making and countless hours of research and development has led to a tackle storage system that solves every major problem anglers encounter. Every feature on Plano’s new EDGE™ series is part of a well thought out system to help you be a better angler. 

The EDGE™ Standard/Utility Boxes come in three sizes in the 3700 series- standard, deep and thin- to accommodate lures of all sizes. There is also a smaller 3600 version. The EDGE™ Standard/Utility Boxes feature technology like WATER WICK™, which is a reusable desiccant pack contained within a customizable divider in the box that wicks away any trace of moisture.

EZ LABEL™ makes easy to quickly identify the contents of stacked boxes with the customizable, non-permanent EZ LABEL™ system. A DRI-LOC® O-ring seal makes each box completely waterproof and airtight. All of the EDGE™ Boxes are RUSTRICTOR™ infused to block rust and prevent corrosion, providing 360 degrees of protection. The DURAVIEW™ crystal-clear polycarbonate lid and one-handed latch design make the boxes simple to use. Vented AIRFLOW® dividers allow RUSTRICTOR™ to work even more efficiently and are recessed into the base to keep lures separated and corrosion-free. Ribbed, stackable bases and lids prevent slippage and unwanted spills. Sturdy, strong steel pin hinges will last a lifetime. 

“Plano has been a huge part of my success on the tournament trail over the years, said Feider, “but the new Edge Tackle Boxes take tackle storage to an entirely different level.” 

EDGE™Standard Utility Box Features:

  • Available in the standard 3600 and 3700 Plano sizes 
  • Fit in all the current tackle storage systems
  • Unique pre-separated vented AIRFLOW® Dividers
  • WATER WICK™ technology
  • EZ LABEL™ system
  • DRI-LOC® O-ring seal
  • AIRFLOW® dividers
  • Ribbed, stackable bases and lids
  • RUSTRICTOR™ infused


3700 THIN 14″L x 9″W x 1.38″H

3700 STANDARD 14″L x 9″W x 1.88″H

3700 DEEP 14″L x 9″W x 3.25″H

3600 11″L x 7.25″W x 1.63″H

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PLANO FISHING IS PROUD TO BE THE GO-TO FOR OUTDOOR STORAGE SOLUTIONS WITH MORE THAN 65 YEARS OF HISTORY TO BACK IT UP. Since 1952, when Warren “Pete” Henning returned from a Florida fishing trip with the desire to improve the tackle box, Plano has become the standard in modern tackle boxes and storage solutions. Over the next 65 years, the Plano brand has found its way into the hearts and hands of four generations. Today, there’s a four in five chance that if you own a tackle box, it was made by Plano. There are many reasons consumers faithfully choose Plano, including quality, durability and innovation, but our favorite is, “It’s what my dad always used.” We take care of you by taking care of your gear. Thank you for trusting us to PROTECT YOUR PASSION.

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