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New Rescue One CDS for Big Boyz

Press release:

The RESCUE ONE ‘CDS’ (Controlled Descent System) Full Body Harness System was enthusiastically received by the treestand hunting public when introduced in 2009. The RESCUE ONE ‘CDS’ is the only Full Body Harness System that, should a fall occur, stops the fall and then allows the user to safely lower themselves to the ground. This unique feature prevents Suspension Trauma injury or death which can occur with any Harness System, in just a few minutes.

Well for 2010 the RESCUE ONE ‘CDS’ is now available in a BIG BOYZ model that will handle the more ample weighted hunter up to 400 lbs. Also, the new RESCUE ONE ‘CDS’II has changed the 30’ of Safety Tether line to an 8mm diameter line with 4,000 lb tensile strength. This smaller diameter, super strong line weighs less than the original 11mm model with less bulk for a lighter, more comfortable system while still retaining the strength factor.

Dr. Norman Wood, Mountaineer Sports President made the announcement: “Our goal this year was to make the RESCUE ONE ‘CDS’ lighter, more compact and more comfortable while also offering a unit that would handle the larger hunter. We have accomplished that with our new
RESCUE ONE ‘CDS’II and new BIG BOYZ models. We are also offering our low profile Safety Buckles with elastic sleeves for added quiet.”

Wood continued; “While light weight and comfort is a consideration, the main function of the RESCUE ONE ‘CDS’ however remains the ability of the user to lower oneself to the ground safely if a fall from a treestand should occur. Our sole objective is to make treestand hunting safer, more secure and eliminate fatalities caused by Suspension Trauma.”

The RESCUE ONE ‘CDS’ is certified to TMA Standards and comes with Replaceable Back Cover, Lineman’s Rope, Tree Anchor Strap and 3 Carabineers, instructional booklet and DVD.

RESCUE ONE ‘CDS’ – Don’t Just Hang There!  Live to Hunt Another Day! ™

Dealer inquiries welcomed.  Represented by Hudalla Associates: (218) 346-2734
Rt 1, Box 127A
Keyser, WV 26726



Kevin Paulson

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