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 Keep your most important forms in a pocket-friendly 3×5 index card format.

Your mission critical forms are now as accessible as an index card. Rite in the Rain Combat Cards reinforce common operational skills under duress. 50 pocketable and weatherproof cards fit into any uniform pocket and survive any environment. Each 6” x 5” card provides ample room to write and is scored to fold down to a 3” x 5” size that can tuck into any standard uniform pocket. Rite in the Rain paper is made to resist splashes and stains to guarantee readiness, no matter the environment. Fill them out, pass them along – don’t miss any crucial piece of information. Keep the chain of command informed with the new Combat Cards.

Rite in the Rain

There are four styles available: 

No. CFF991T Call For Fire
Form on the front and reference on the back

The No. 9L991T Medevac

9 line form on the front, explanations on the back

No. RC991T Range Card
Form on front, Universal pattern on back

TCCC/ Combat Care Card
Form front and back


  • MSRP: $14.95 
  • Height: 6” 
  • Folded Height: 3” 
  • Sheets: 50/pack
  • Width: 5″ 
  • Weight 100# RITR  

About Rite in the Rain
Founded more than a century ago in the forests of the Great Northwest, Rite in the Rain began by developing sheets of paper hand-dipped with a special coating to create a unique moisture shield for use in the logging industry.  Made in the USA since 1916, 
Rite in the Rain All-Weather Writing Products circulate around the world in the hands of outdoor professionals working in poor weather.  For more information about Rite in the Rain, visit:

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