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Nomad – Product Review

The great team at Nomad sent us one of their little Portable Power Cleaners and this little tool is something that I can see some real uses for in the outdoor world.  Chris and I took the Nomad out to his hunting camp and we used it to make quick work of cleaning up the ATV and the Boat on Saturday.  The 18 volt battery holds enough charge to go through two full tanks of water and cleaning about 10 minutes of cleaning each.

We really liked this product.  It is pretty self contained with a Neoprene case to hold the hose and sprayer and it has more then enough power to  blow off the dirt clods and push debris and mud off of the deck of the boat.  You can also use it to in your camp to clean dishes.

The Nomad 18 volt Cordless Portable Power Cleaner is a handy little tool that should be in the pick up bed of your truck on regular basis.  In camp it is easy to refill by dunking the water tank into the stream or lake and then dropping it onto the power box and it is ready to go.  As well this unit can plug into your car power adapter(cigarette Lighter) and it is ready to go as well providing a portable power cleaner on the go.

Need to hose out that deer after the gutting is done just turn the handle to mist and wash it down to keep your meat clean and ready for hanging.  The unit is tough and easy to carry with its own strap.  Our only suggestion is that they create a shower head nozzle for the sprayer so you can use it to take a shower in camp and while this could be done with the current set up, it would be easier with a seperate attachment.  These are available today through Cabelas and Bob Wards.

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