Hunters hoping to draw out for a bull elk, whitetail deer, antelope or other controlled hunt through the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s Controlled Hunts Program can now submit applications over the Internet by logging on to

Administered by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, the Controlled Hunts Program offers a wide variety of highly desirable hunts through a random drawing. Controlled hunting opportunities offered through the program include hunts on Department or other government-owned or managed lands where unrestricted hunting would pose safety concerns or where overharvest might occur.

“Sportsmen have over 140 different quality hunts to choose from including elk, antelope, deer, turkey, and quail hunts,” said Melinda Sturgess-Streich, assistant director of administration for the Wildlife Department. “Thirty-two of these hunts are designed specifically for youth ages 14-16. You don’t want to miss out on these hunting opportunities, so mark your calendars to apply before the deadline of May 15.”

All applicants, including lifetime license holders, must pay a $5 application fee to enter the Controlled Hunts drawings. The fee is paid only once per person per year regardless of the number of categories entered.

“A single $5 fee for an opportunity to hunt elk, antelope, or deer alone is minor in comparison to the thousands of dollars that some sportsmen pay to attend similar hunts,” Sturgess-Streich said. “Plus, it’s all done online through a secure application process that only accepts applications once they have been filed correctly, which means you can’t mess up your application or your chance to be drawn for a hunt.”

Applicants have until May 15 to apply online.

For complete application instructions, including tips on enhancing your chances of being selected as well as a full listing of available hunts for elk, deer, antelope, turkey, quail and raccoon, log on to: .