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On the Hunt: 5 Technologies Changing the Hunting Game

Today’s hunter has much better odds than those who hunted mammoths, and the prey is much easier to carry, too. It’s not just skills that have improved, however. The modern hunter has more tools and technologies available to them than ever before. 

You can elevate your hunting game with these revolutionary technologies, from smart maps to scent-controlled apparel. Tech tools and methods make hunting easier and more fun than you could imagine. Add one, two, or even all of these upgrades to your hunting gear and come back from your next hunting trip more successful than ever before.

EMF-blocking apparel

EMF-blocking apparel is an excellent way to mask the natural electromagnetic waves that your body emits when you move or contract muscles. Animals use these invisible energy cues to alert them of predators and hunters in the area, so being able to block these emissions will give you a better shot at maintaining the element of surprise. To learn more about this and other technologies, visit providers like HECS® Hunting.

Smart maps

Smart maps are an incredible way to take advantage of all the advancements of GPS technology. Now, you can find apps that provide smart maps of hunting areas. Some even include overlays on top of satellite images so you can understand the area you’re hunting in from a wider perspective while you trek through tree coverage.

Thermal vision

Thermal imaging technology was once limited to government and military use, but it is becoming more available to civilians and gaining popularity among hunters. Products like a pocket-sized thermal binocular can help hunters like you see in total darkness or despite poor weather conditions. 


One of the most challenging parts of hunting is knowing whether you are in range or not. Before you take that shot and potentially scare off your target if you miss, use a laser rangefinder to calculate the actual distance between you and your target. 

These advanced technologies can account for things like slope and quickly give you the ballistic distance between you and your future trophy. This support makes hitting your target so much easier and improves your accuracy.

Trail cameras

Trail cameras can help you understand what kind of wildlife spends time in the area and the level of activity you can expect to find there. This research can prepare you for the type of hunt you’ll have and help you get to know the area’s animals a bit better before interacting with them. Pair this with thermal vision goggles, and you’ll have no trouble finding the best hunting spots.

Final thoughts

If you’re happy with your hunting game as it is, that’s excellent news. If you’re not happy with it or want to see just how much better it can become with a little help from technology, these five tools will be your new best friends. Wherever your hunting weakness lies, there’s more than likely a tool or two that can help you overcome and compensate. By incorporating technologies into your strategy, you’ll hit the mark every time.

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