My name is Taylor Lauren Rather. I am 14 years old.  I’m an honor roll student at Halifax County Senior High school in Halifax, VA.  I like to spend  time with my friends and family. My brothers name is Joshua, he is 18 years old and I like to hunt and fish with him.  We like to go ride 4-wheelers in the mud  with our friends, fish, hunt, camp and I like to spend  time with my pets  which include 2 dogs, 6 bunnies, 10 cats and 1 fish.  I love animals and the outdoors. I also have a passion for drawing, photography and videotaping my adventures.

At the age of 11, I shot my first turkey.  It weighted 21 ½ lbs.  with spurs measuring 1 and 2/16 inches each.  The beard  was 10 inches long.  I used a Remington 870, 20-gauge shotgun.  This was also my very first turkey hunt.  My brother and I shot our first turkeys on the same day.  It  was a very special day to me.  Ha, Ha, he shot a Jake.

That same year in November 2005 during muzzlerloader season I shot my first deer, an eight point buck.  I used a Thompson Center-Thunder Hawk .50 cal. with 80 grains of powder and a .295 power belt bullet.  It was a 75 yard shot and he dropped in his tracks.  My brother had bow hunted this same deer during bow season.  Josh was happy that I got my first deer, but was disappointed that he didn’t get him first.

It has always been my dream to get the “turkey grand-slam” and to hunt other birds such as ducks, geese and dove. It is my goal to also hunt elk, mule deer, black bear, prong horn and moose.

I think all animals are beautiful and I enjoy watching them.  I would like to fly in a helicopter one day and take pictures from the air of wild life.

After high school, I would like to go to Virginia Tech to study to become a veterinarian or a similar field as a Wildlife Biologist.

I encourage my friends and others to spend time in the outdoors.

Taylor Lauren Rather