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Pillow Supports: The Must-Have Accessory for Long-Range Shooters

Skytterlinken, Norway (Nov. 14, 2019)- Long-range shooting competitions, both standard and tactical, are a combination of physical and mental challenges, technical shooting, time constraints, and – in the case of tactical shoots — varying field conditions. One of the most important things to have when you’re trying to shoot at any significant distance is a comfortable, well-supported shooting platform. That’s where shooting bags come in.

One of the top shooting bag innovations in recent years is the pump pillow. In many popular competitions, like Precision Rifle Series or Precision Rimfire, competitors have found that filling gaps in their joints work to build a more solid shooting position. Pump pillows allow shooters to fill in these gaps and reduce strain. These innovative bags can be used as a buffer, or filler, between different parts of the body. This allows the shooters to keep their arms or legs positioned farther out than otherwise would be comfortable, and it facilitates shooting from odd positions. They can also be used in place of standard shooting bags.

Pump pillows are an enlarged version of smaller tactical-type pads and offer a soft, lightweight but large bag to help fill spaces or voids for positional shooting. While a little large to use for regular prone shooting, the extra height can be an aid when shooting uphill (extra height for the bipod), or downhill (extra height under the buttstock). These bags can also be compressed down from their original size, making them easier to manipulate.

Ulfhednar, Norway’s innovative leader in the development, manufacture, and sale of all things shooting, offers several high-quality pillow supports to meet the needs of the most highly-skilled long-range shooters in the world. These include the UH200 Multipurpose Support Pillow, UH203 Support Pillow “Angle,” UH202 Support Pillow “Fatboy”, and UH103 Support Pillow “Cookie Dough.” Each is made from the highest-quality materials, including Cordura nylon, YKK zippers, and reinforced stitching. All Ulfhednar products are designed to withstand exposure to weather without damage or loss of function. The relatively harsh Arctic climate of Norway makes the company set stringent requirements for the materials used in their products.

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Ruggedized Norwegian produced precision shooting gear. Founded and managed by a 40-year champion shooter, Ulfhednar is producing a line of products that are incredibly innovative, durable, and exactly in time with the growing PRS market in the US. Long Range/PRS are the largest shooting sports in Norway boasting 6,000 registered competitors (overall pop. of 5M). Their brand and story speak of an ancient Norwegian warrior tribe’s name meaning “BERSERKER”.

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