If you plan to hunt sometime before 2012, we recommend that you apply for preference points in order to increase your odds of drawing a license.

You have until September 30th to apply for preference points and I highly recommend that you take the time and submit preference points.  Wyoming just started their preference point system and their system currently is pretty close to wide open for hunters.

I took my first big game animal with my father in Wyoming and my father took his first big game animal outside Rock Springs and those memories of Wyoming hunts will live with us forever.

Parents it is not to early to start applying for your kids as well because if you want a chance to hunt with your kids, get them the points as well because when you take them hunting you are going to want to be hunting in those prime units.
Nonresident Antelope Preference Point – $30.00 – NAPF
Nonresident Youth Antelope Preference Point – $10.00 – NYAPF

Nonresident Deer Preference Point – $40.00 – NDPF
Nonresident Youth Deer Preference Point – $10.00 – NYDPF

Nonresident Elk Preference Point – $50.00 – NEPF
Nonresident Youth Elk Preference Point – $10.00 – NYEPF

Nonresident Moose Preference Point – $75.00 – NMPF

Nonresident Bighorn Sheep Preference Point – $100.00 – NSPF

Go to this website and complete the application and forward it to the G&F prior to September 30, 2008.