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Please Support Project New Hope

20100310_pnh_headerBruce Billington sent me some links in regards to Project New Hope in Minnesota.  I am a tremendous fan of what this group is doing for soldiers and thier families in small group settings.  Project New Hope takes families and mixes the outdoors as well as some group discussions for returning soldiers and thier work could not be more valuable.

Please check out some of these great links and if you can donate some money or time to these great folks.  They are working really hard to bring Project New Hope out nationally and we are going to continue to support them in every way possible.

Below are some recent articles and interviews about Project New Hope.  Check them out when you have some free time.  With the help of the MN Dept of Veterans Affairs, we are working on lining up interviews/stories with Minnesota Bound, KARE11, WCCO, and hopefully a National TV show.  The MN Dept of Veterans Affairs has some lofty goals in this regard.

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