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Please Vote for Dennis to Win a new pair of boots at Wolverine.

Dennis Brauchle


I have to tell you all, I have been slacking off a bit from writing and sharing my passions and I promise I will work harder to keep up to date on the blog!  The last month has been filled with tons of administrative and business issues in the background.  Heck there is even one blogger out there that decided to just steal our work.  Well through all of that Dennis has been out there working his butt off trying to get some new hunting tips from all of his friends and waiting patiently for the 13th of September to fly out with me to the great Wyoming Wilderness to chase pronghorn.  Its going to be a great hunt and should be a ton of fun.  In the mean time, we need your help.  Log on to I am WOLVERINE and vote for Dennis and you could take home a quick $100.00 gift certificate and help Dennis to win some new boots.  He deserves it!

Vote for Dennis Brauchle at I am Wolverine.  

Dennis Brauchle is one of our Pro Staff Associates and he needs some new boots!  Wolverine has not yet sent us a pair of boots to test out for the website but we know that Dennis is Relentless by Nature and we need your help!  Please go drop a vote for him up on the website

Tell us who you are.

I am a Sr. Designer in the Engineering Department at Mack Trucks/Volvo. I am a Husband, with a great wife of 32 years! I am a Father, with a lovely daughter! I am a Grandfather, with two lovely granddaughters. I am a hunter, fisher and outdoors man. I am a wildlife conservationist! I am relentless in my pursuit of life and the chasing of my dreams!

What do you love to do? (Job, hobby, adventure)

As a hunter of life both professionally and personally, I focus on the adventures that are right in front of my eyes. From my beautiful marriage of 32 years, to my 30 year career as a Senior Designer, to the raising of my wonderful daughter and grandkids life is a constant adventure meant to be chased and cherished one day at time. As a wildlife conservationist and as a hunter my goals are to harvest a great moose, elk, antelope and deer in the next 4 years.

Why you do it.

I grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania and I was taught from day one to work hard and live by the Golden Rule and play hard. Everything I do in life comes from a position of passion whether it is being with my family, enjoying the company of friends or pursuing my dreams chasing wildlife in the great outdoors. I have been hunting and enjoying the outdoors for my entire life and the conservation of wildlife is a strong passion of mine. My relentless nature has been tested in my life. Six years ago I fell out a tree stand to the ground 20 feet below me. I broke my neck, shoulder and ankle. I spent over 6 months in therapy to recover from my injuries. I am still hunting and continue to chase my dreams of getting a moose and an elk. Last year I had the opportunity to pursue elk in the mountains of Idaho on a dream trip of a lifetime and while we were not successful in harvesting an elk, each and every day was a reward! Watching the day unfold before our very eyes each morning and hearing the elk bugle in the wild was the trophy of the trip. Every morning when I got up and strapped on my boots my muscles still ached from the previous days hike. We would head out of the tent and a new day would begin. Relentless to me is the willingness to go over the next mountain range and the next and the next in pursuit of that dream animal all the while knowing that for every mountain that we went over, we would be hiking back over that evening to come back to the camp safely. Whether it is on the mountain top, or in the office, or in life, I have always been willing to go over that next mountain to chase my dreams! I have learned that after 32 years of marriage, a daughter and two grandchildren that dreams do come true and the dreams usually end up being the memories that are created on the journey to where we think we are headed.

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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