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Polarmax Mountain Skins Review by Rudy Hassall

One of key items I have learned while sitting on stand in the cold over years is to dress warm.  You will never make it through the morning, let alone the day if your knees are knocking together. This dressing warm solution means dressing in layers and a key element to this is your moisture wicking base layers.


I have been using Under Armor’s ColdGear (U.A.)for a few years now, that is until this year when I started testing the Polarmax Mountain Skins (M.S.).  When it’s bitter cold, this will be my go-to base layer.  I have been fortunate enough to tested this gear out this year. Our winter has been pretty cold, compared to past years. In addition to this cold we have experienced winds and a good amount of snow. So, I wore it shoveling the not so light white stuff and even sledding with the family.

If I was shoveling or sledding, the only thing that I was wearing were the M.S. for a base and my Sitka Celsius Gear on top of that.  I stayed warm the entire time, even when it was 15* with the wind blowing at 20-30mph! When I removed the M.S. after shoveling or sledding, they were just slightly damp but I knew I had sweat my tail off. But, this stuff wicked my sweat away from my skin, which is extremely important in cold weather.

I also had the opportunity to test these out camping a few times.  When I went to sleep, the only things I would wear would be the M.S., U.A. Arctic Beanie (which I have since lost) and a pair of Smartwool socks. This was done not only to test my tent or sleeping bag system, it was to test my sleep wear. I tested this setup only if the temps were below 20*, just to verify my slight insanity as my wife will state.
The M.S. is a slick but tough outer shell with a very soft interior that rests against your skin. The fabric is made of 92% Acclimate Dry Polyester and 8% Spandex for a nice snug fit. It is anti-microbial, anti-odor to meet the US Military demands, breathes very well and dries quickly.

M.S. are made in America from an environmentally friendly company who cares about conservation and the environment. This is what we hunters like to see and hear, right?

This will absolutely be my cold weather base layer for years to come!  Give them a try yourself and you won’t be let down.

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