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Primos Double Bull Blind Review

Primos Double Bull BlindPrimos is known throughout the hunting community for making high quality hunting equipment including calls, decoys, game cameras, apparel, and ground blinds.  In 2007, Primos bought the Double Bull brand of ground blinds and have kept the quality and customer support they were known for.  Primos continues to refine and perfect these blinds making them some of the best blinds to stalk your prey in.

One issue many hunters experience when hunting from a blind is both getting in and out of the blind easily.  Most blinds on the market use a zipper to open and close the door.  This posed two different problems.  One is the noise that is created when using the zipper.  The second is that this style of “door” doesn’t open wide enough to allow easy access to a blind.  This problem is apparent to larger hunters or hunters that are trying to get gear into the blind.  I am 6’5” and have a lot of trouble trying to fold my large frame into a blind along with whatever gear I have with me.

In 2012, Primos made a big change to their Double Bull Dark Horse ground blind.  The new Primos Double Bull Double Wide Door ground blind came out to help alleviate both of the issues some people experience.  There are no zippers on the door to get rid of the unwanted noise.  The door is opened by pulling a draw string that pulls the door flap up creating a large 48.5″H x 29″W opening that any hunter can get into the blind with ease even when carrying gear or with a pack on their back.  The door can be secured shut from the inside with a large buckle and two S-hook style fasteners.

With the redesign of the blind, Primos kept the same features of past Double Bull blinds.  It still has the panoramic  180° full-front view window with the Silent Slide system.  This allows a hunter to open and adjust this large window to create a view as big or small as they might need.  There are a number of other windows in the blind so the hunters can see in all directions.  The interior of the blind is completely blacked out to help conceal the occupants.  The Double Bull blinds also feature their patented Power Hub FrameWork to provide extreme durability.  Its rotating, locking hub is built with high-strength magnesium and an overmolded design to prevent pinching. The new hub design reduces force required for opening by 50%.

The Double Bull Power Hubs are a great design; however setting up the blind for the first time can be extremely difficult.  The directions that are provided show basic pictures and have an explanation, but even if followed you might have a hard time.  There is a trick to it and once you get it the first time, setup is very quick.  Takedown can also be difficult the first time you attempt it.  I recommend setting the blind up before you intend to use it and leave it for a few days.  This allows the fabric to stretch out a little bit and makes the process of setup much easier.  You don’t want to be attempting this for the first time in the dark ahead of chasing your trophy.

Primos makes a number of accessories for their ground blinds that will make hunting from them more comfortable.  These include various bow/gun holders, shelves for accessories, lights, replacement shoot through mesh, and stools.  The Double Bull Magnum Tri-stool is a great accessory to consider purchasing.  It is light weight, compact, and comfortable.  Another accessory that works great with the blind is the Double Bull Frame Pak.  The blind comes with a nice oversized bag; however it can be difficult to carry into the field.  The Frame Pak buckles the blind onto a rigid pack and allows you to carry the blind on your back like a backpack.  The Frame Pak then can convert into a blind shelf while you are hunting.

Overall I feel that the Primos Double Bull Double Wide Door ground blind will be a great addition to the hunter looking to be mobile when chasing various game.  The blind can be a little difficult to setup first few times, but once you get the hang of it you shouldn’t have any problems.  One of the best features of the blind is the Lifetime Warranty Primos provides for the blind.  If you blow out a hub or break a pole, they will send you replacement parts at no cost.  Even though the blind is rather expensive at $400, you can rest assured that if anything happens to it Primos will provide support to get you back in the field.

Key Features:

  • Hub to Hub is 77″
  • Height 70″
  • Weight 22lbs (approximate weight with bag)
  • Floor 60″ x 60″
  • Lifetime Warranty


Primos Hunting   www.primos.com   601-879-9323

Primos Double Bull BlindPrimos Double Bull BlindPrimos Double Bull Blind


Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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  1. I have the Double Bull (not the Double Wide), and you’re right. The zipper on the Double Bull can be a bit loud and the opening isn’t huge. Practicing opening/closing ahead of time IS A MUST! Once you get the hang of it, piece of cake. Looking forward to seeing the Double Wide in person.

    1. The Double Wide is the way to go if looking to replace your old Double Bull Dark Horse blind. Being 6’5″ I don’t have to contort my body to get in and out. And I do really like the lack of the zipper.

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