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Private Land on Demand: Expedition Outside Connects Fly Fishermen to Private Rivers in Colorado

Fly fishing enthusiasts wanting to fish private stretches of river throughout Colorado can now turn to  Expedition Outside (ExOut) for access to hundreds of miles of trout-abundant rivers.

Just like when renting through Airbnb, an angler would simply go to ExOut’s website, find a river in the area where they’d like to fish, and book a day. ExOut delivers just as its tagline states — “Private Land on Demand.”

What most anglers may not realize is that Colorado landowners who have a river running through their property actually own the riverbed too. While this can make river access very limited in some places, ExOut is working with both landowners and fly fishermen to make those private stretches of river accessible.

“We are a conservation-minded company that uses technology to help fly fishermen and women find their perfect spot,” said Christian Barnes, Expedition Outside’s founder. “Our goal is to preserve our public natural resources by pulling pressure away from those areas and giving those who seek quality fishing and solitude a day on the river they’ll never forget.”

ExOut’s business model has proven beneficial to Colorado ranchers and landowners. Hosts, as they’re referred to by the company, can generate an extra source of income when they work with ExOut to allow anglers access to their rivers.

If you’re an angler heading to Colorado with a desire to fish unpressured water in complete solitude, check out Expedition Outside.

ExOut is currently taking applications for landowners as well. If you own land with river access in Colorado and are interested in joining a growing community and making extra money, please email Christian Barnes at or call (202) 577-4498.


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