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Pro Ears Product Review Predator Gold Protect your Hearing and Enhance your Experience

Hearing protection for me has always been something that I took for granted unless I was on the range sighting in my rifle or shooting skeet. This year I began to notice that my hearing just has not been what it used to be. I no longer have the ability take my hearing for granted. I had to find some options to protect my hearing every time I fired a rifle or a shotgun before my hearing began to deteriorate even worse.

I started shooting seriously I was 5 years old with a BB gun and worked my way up to dove season at the age of 11. I never wore ear protection while dove hunting and we would shoot a couple of boxes of shells a night between my father and I. At the age of 16, I shot on my high school rifle team for Robinson Secondary School and was shooting 500 rounds a week. I always had ear protection on the range but the with that protection you could not hear range instructions and using that kind of hearing protection in the field just would not work.

In hunting situations I have never worn hearing protection while hunting big game because I have always wanted to hear the world around me and listen to the sounds of nature. With the Pro Ears Predator Gold, now I can protect my hearing and still listen to the world around me at an enhanced level.

I took some time and did some research and I know, I have found a company producing a product worthy of my endorsement. Since 1992 Pro Ears has been developing world class hearing protection and the Predator Gold is the top of the line in their series of hearing protectors. All Pro Ears products are made in the USA and carry a full Five (5) year warranty on the electronics and one year warranty on other materials and workmanship. The service and support is second to none and the Customer Service Department is extremely easy to work with. All of their operations are based out of Westcliffe, Colorado.

Pro Ears has a unique approach to hearing protection. DLSC Technology(Dynamic Level Sound Compression which, in less then 1.5 milliseconds compresses any noise volume over 70dB down to less then 50% while it raises the lower sounds up to 70dB. What this does for you as a hunter is allow you to sit in the stand and hear the birds chirping, the sounds of squirrels playing in the leaves and the sound of that approaching deer coming through the forest.

While I was in Manitoba and recently here in Virginia I have used the Predator Gold while in the stand each day. While I was in Manitoba, we were in enclosed stands with heavy rubber tarp and plenty of wind each and every day coupled with a propane heater that hissed incessantly while I had the Pro Ears on. I kept them on but I turned down the hearing enhancement so I could not hear anything and be able to sit in a bit of peace and quiet.

Here in Virginia, I have been using the Pro Ears while in the stand and the difference it is making is tremendous. I can hear 8 times better then without the Predators on my ears and I am much more relaxed and alert to what is going on while in the stand. I am very happy with this purchase and I going to be picking up a set of these for my family and I am encouraging our Pro Staff to pick these up.

I am pretty sure Taylor is going to be getting a set in the very near future in Pink Camo.

I cannot wait to experience spring Turkey Season with these on my ears and I can hardly wait to experience the Manitoba bear stands with these on and see if I can hear the bears approaching.  I will be using these on all of my hunts.

Log on to Pro Ears and order yourself a set you will be glad you did and your grandchildren will be glad you did as well because you will be able to hear them when you get older.

Who knew that hearing protection could be so technologically advanced. The Pro Ears Gold Series offers the following features:

  • Micro-Processor Inside. Performs 10,000 diagnostics per second to ensure the entire electronics system is fully functional.
  • DLSCTM Technology.
  • Fully enclosed, Military Grade Circuit Boards.
  • Increases reliability in harsh environments.
  • Gold Connectors.
  • LED Alert Light Indicator on Circuit Board.
  • On-Board, Computer controlled Auto-Shut Off.
  • Low Battery Indicator.
  • Fast ‘Attack Time’
  • With a reaction and recovery time of 1.5 milliseconds, less than a typical pause between words in normal conversation, the system greatly enhances your awareness of your environment while simultaneously protects your hearing from loud noise.
  • Automatic & Programmable Gain Control (AGCTM).
  • True Stereo..
  • Independent Volume Controls.
  • Special Replaceable, ProForm LeatherTM Ear Seals.
  • Adjustable, Padded Headband.
  • Modular Design.
  • Slim Line, Chop Side and Mag designs.
  • 200 hours minimum battery life.
  • Common ‘N’ Size Alkaline provides long battery life and saves you money.
  • Improved battery retention clips.
  • Easy access battery compartment.
  • Now every GOLD SERIES model comes equipped with aux jack.
  • Reciever/Input capabilities for your Apple iPod, radio, scanners and many other FRS radios and communication/entertainment devices using a 3.5 mm jack.

Endorsed by Kevin Paulson, Team HuntingLife

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