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RMEF Wolf Wars Update

In November, RMEF entered into new wolf litigation in Oregon, continuing wolf litigation in California, and new wolf management and control plans in Washington:
Oregon—Judges are reviewing the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s authority to remove wolves known to habitually kill livestock. The court agreed to consider in its final decision an RMEF motion outlining the need for science-based, state regulated wolf management.

California—In Pasadena, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is expected to rule soon on a lawsuit alleging that Congress acted unconstitutionally when it removed wolves from the endangered species list and cleared the way for wolf hunting seasons in Idaho and Montana. An attorney representing RMEF and other conservation groups presented oral arguments supporting the Congressional action, wolf delisting and science-based, state-regulated management of wolf populations.

—As part of a formal public comment period on proposed wolf management plans, RMEF submitted a four-page letter to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. RMEF urged reducing wolf population recovery goals, outlined wolf impacts to elk populations in other states, and recommended certain changes to Washington’s plan based on those experiences.


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