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The Rocky Outback Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiker Boot is worth considering if you’re looking for reliable and durable hiking, hunting, or work boots. These boots are a cut above the rest, made with top-quality materials to ensure maximum comfort, support, and protection. No matter how rough the terrain, these boots will keep your feet safe and secure. The Gore-Tex technology guarantees your feet stay dry even in the most challenging weather conditions, while the durable outsole provides exceptional traction. The Rocky Outback Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiker Boot is a top-notch choice for anyone who values quality and performance in their footwear.

 Let the work begin.

I grew up on a farm, so having reliable footwear is essential for staying safe and helps get the job done right. Here in Tennessee, we have had continuous waves of overwhelming weather. It started with big cold fronts bringing strong winds and buckets of rain. Followed by plummeting temperatures from a northerly arctic blast. This would result in a week of 6-8″ of snow and sub-zero temperatures. Old heads always told me, “With low temps, stuff just breaks.” On our farm, we raise Registered Border Cheviot sheep. Like goats, if there is a place to get out, they will find it. The storms brought large dead fall trees down on the fences. An emergency fence repair was in order. Grabbing my Husqvarna 455 Rancher and fencing tools and got to work. 

Design Features

So, picking up the pieces of a devastating week on the farm, I grabbed my Rocky Boots and got to work. The rain and snow now turned to mud, and fallen trees made for rugged terrain to work around. The boot’s durable construction and waterproof Gore-Tex membrane are designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable in even the most challenging conditions. One aspect that stood out to me was the Outback rubber sole. The defined tread pattern performed surprisingly well, even in the thick, silty clay loam of Middle Tennessee mud.

The Rocky Outback Gore-Tex® Waterproof boot is what it sounds like. The 8-inch construction and soft toe design give me freedom and flexibility to move and work. However, the durable leather can withstand some abuse. A 1-inch heel height was something I was used to. However, I had to get used to the slight downhill feel in the boot’s sole. The boot’s lightweight design is 1.4 lbs., which will not wear you out after a long day.

Waterproofing is another aspect that people struggle with regarding a good pair of boots. They quickly solved that problem with the implementation of Gore-Tex®. Much of my hunting gear is Gore-Tex® lined. The Gore-Tex® membrane is waterproof and breathable, allowing moisture to escape while keeping water out. The boot also features a moisture-wicking lining to help keep your feet dry from the inside out. So, if you have sweaty feet like me, you can rejoice! 

Pros & Cons

The overall design is high quality, for sure. The foxing on the rear of the boot is durable and firm. It has a dual lacing system with eyelets and lace hooks. The reinforcement on the toe box makes me confident these boots should be around for a few seasons. 

These boots need a few features to make them more user-friendly. They are not insulated boots for winter usage. As well as, the boots lack pull tabs on the collar and tongue, which makes it difficult to slip on and off or hang them for storage. These boots perform exceptionally well for fixing fences, checking my trail camera, or hunting for a few squirrels. The appearance is something I can even wear into town for date night. Finding the correct shoe size can be challenging since I wear 13 in men’s sizes. Rocky offers sizes ranging from 3 to 15 for men and boot widths of medium and wide. The cost reflects not only a fair price but also the company’s reputation and product quality. These factors play a crucial role in finding the best value for your money, and Rocky hit the nail on the head with this one. 

Closing Thoughts on the Rocky Outback Gore-Tex® Waterproof Boots 

We finished the fence after hours of hard work. Now, we are on to the next project. I know that whatever comes next, these Rocky Outback boots will be ready for the challenge ahead of them. Now that they are broken in, I know they will perform well on the next hunting trip.

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