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Roofnest Condor Redefines Hard-Shell Rooftop Tent Segment

BOULDER — Roofnest today revealed the refreshed Condor and Condor XL rooftop tents, the most aerodynamic and comfortable three- and four-person fold-out rooftop tents on the market. The innovative tents are compact enough for shorter vehicles but unfold to create cavernous sleeping spaces. 

Many campers are familiar with soft-shell rooftop tents that popularized rooftop tents. Condor and Condor XL build on that common design with improved aerodynamics and quicker, easier set up. For 2021, both Condor and Condor XL models feature redesigned shells with space for a standard flexible 100-Watt solar panel. And Condor XL’s shell now has a storage area with tie downs. 

“Combining the ease of use, weather resistance, and aerodynamic benefits of a hard shell rooftop tent with the expandability of a fold-out design was an exciting design challenge. We wanted to retain the Condor’s compact packaging and spacious interior while incorporating spaces for a flexible solar panel,” said Roofnest founder and CEO Tim Nickles. “We couldn’t be more proud of the final product. Condor and Roofnest Condor XL hard shell fold-out rooftop tents blend the best of both designs.” 

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Roofnest Condor is only 60 inches long and 48 inches wide when folded, making it ideal for vehicles with limited roof space, like compact crossovers and mid-size pickup trucks. It unfolds off the passenger side of the vehicle, creating a sleeping area 7’ long and 5’ wide — enough room to sleep two to three adults — with a maximum 5’2” of headroom. 

Condor XL, at 74 inches long and 55 inches wide, is designed for campers who require even more space. It unfolds to create an impressive 48 feet of floor space at 7’9” long and 6’2” wide with 5’2” of maximum headroom. Condor XL can easily sleep three to four adults. 

Unlike traditional hard shell rooftop tents, which simply expand vertically, Condor unfolds upward and outward. This brand-first foldout design doubles tent floor space. When closed, the Condor models are nearly as compact as a traditional two-person hard shell rooftop tent. 

Feature highlights include: 

  • Weatherproof ABS/ASA plastic hard shell with incorporated space for optional storage bag 
  • 7’6” incorporated, collapsible ladder
  • Optional awning and enclosed annex add-ons — perfect for cooking, dining, and lounging 
  • Six-centimeter thick foam mattress — the thickest in its class 
  • Honeycomb-aluminum floor adds structural rigidity and keeps weight low
  • Two detachable pockets that keep shoes and other items handy and dry 

The Condor is priced at $2,995.00. Condor XL is priced at $3,195.00. Pricing includes free shipping to the lower 48 states. 2021 Condor and Condor XL are on sale now. 

Campers can learn more about the all-new Condor as well as place an order at: https://roofnest.com/product/condor/ and https://roofnest.com/product/condor-xl/ 

About Roofnest Founded in 2016, Roofnest is one of the fastest-growing rooftop tent brands in the U.S. Roofnest provides customers easy-to-use hard shell rooftop tents that are designed to be cool-looking as well as weather-proof and aerodynamic — all at an affordable price. More informational and additional Roofnest models can be found at www.roofnest.com

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