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SCI and NRA Will Defend Rocky Mountain Wolf Delisting


SCI and NRA Will Defend Rocky Mountain Wolf Delisting A Montana federal district court has granted SCI’s request to intervene in litigation and defend the delisting of gray wolves of the Northern Rocky Mountains. The effort of anti-hunting plaintiffs to list the wolf again would strip management of the species from the States, and return it to the federal government. It would also prevent state-managed sustainable hunts of the wolves.

The Plaintiffs have asked the Court to return the species to the endangered species list. Together with the federal government, the States of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, and other conservation groups, SCI will present arguments demonstrating why the delisting should remain in effect. A hearing on the Plaintiffs’ request for emergency relief is scheduled for May 29th in Missoula, Montana.

SCI is joined in the intervention by the National Rifle Association of America.

SCI President Dennis Anderson said, “SCI is pleased that the court has allowed us to participate in the battle to keep recovered wolf populations of the Northern Rocky Mountains off the endangered species list. SCI has developed a track record and expertise second to none in litigation related to sustainable use management and conservation. We will use our special experience in this area of the law to make sure that the decision to delist this viable, healthy predator species is defended as strongly as possible.”

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