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SCIF Humanitarian Efforts Continue with the Blue Bag Program

Attending the 37th Annual Hunter’s Convention as a press writer is always a privilege and a responsibility that I take very seriously.  This year was no different and for me the joy is in the journey of getting to know so many different people and learning about the things that they are working on.  I also get the joy of going to so many different seminars and learning about the great work that is being done by members and volunteers for these great organizations.  Robert Deitz, II is one of those great volunteers who is incredibly passionate about his hunting, very passionate about Safari Club and active personally and politically in spreading the message about the great work being done by hunters in both conservation and humanitarian work.

Robert has been a champion of the Blue Bag Program with the SCIF since the programs inception.  This week Robert gave a seminar to the membership at the convention and I really enjoyed the seminar.

The Blue Bag program provides the opportunity for hunters to hand carry humanitarian aid into countries and places all across the world.  SCIF provides a blue duffle bag to be filled with items that third world countries cannot get access to.  Items like crayons, balls, aspirin, coloring books, band aids, etc that can help local schools, hospitals, aid centers in creating good will and real assistance.

Attached are 3 separate files that were created by Robert Deitz, II and Eva Wison, Director of Humanitarian Services for SCIF.

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