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Sitka Gear 2008 Line Sets the Standard in Hunting Gear and Apparel


In January of 2006 at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Elk Camp I had the pleasure of meeting Jonathon Hart and Jason Hairston from Sitka Gear.  Seeing their gear was heaven sent because the year before I had spent the fall guiding and hunting in some of the poorest quality gear I have ever had the displeasure of hunting with.In the fall of 2006, I purchased a full set of their gear and spent the fall on the mountain in actual comfort.  I posted a full review here on the site and I fully endorse this gear.

This year at RMEF Elk Camp I stopped by the Sitka Gear booth to see what was new and they told me that a major announcement and new gear was coming.  I asked what and when and the guys told me I would just have to wait like everyone else.Finally the wait is over and we get to see some of the newest gear to come out of the team at Sitka.

Finally the wait is over and we get to see some of the newest gear to come out of the team at Sitka.  These boys know hunting and they know gear and they know how to produce gear for people who are going to hunt really hard.  It is gear for people who want the very best in gear systems and in clothing technology.

This gear is not your every day gear and to be honest it is not for everyone.  If your not a hunter who is going to spend serious time on the mountain, in the stand or in the field and you don’t care to wear the very best then please head on down on pick up some camo that is on sale in a pattern that you really like and go with it.  The price point on this gear is not cheap but if you are a hard, extreme hunter, the price point on this gear is more then reasonable.

Since the fall of 2006, I have spent over 80 days dressed in this gear in the last year and half.  It has worked in the mountains of Idaho in extreme warm days to snow filled days, the heat and excitement of the bear stand and chasing turkeys and deer in Virginia to the extreme cold of the stands in Manitoba.  This gear has held up its end of the bargain in every way.  I will be wearing this gear this week in the heat of Turkey Season and when I head up to Manitoba to chase the big black bears of Manitoba with Sandy River Outfitters.

I will be purchasing a set of the new Celsius Series for this fall in Manitoba because I will be hunting the extreme snows of Manitoba in a tree stand or blind for 10 hours a day.  I want nothing more then to be warm and I am looking forward to trying out this new Body Mapping insulation.

Clothing is a definite part of your gear and should not be treated as an afterthought.  In my mind, the gear that you pick out as your clothing is as important as your pack, the food you carry, the bow you use or the rifle that you carry.  Great gear means that you can hunt harder comfortably because it is the equipment on your back that keeps you protected in both warm and cool weather.  Great gear means that you are going to be willing to chase up that next mountain after that great ram.  Great Gear means that you will be out there in the rain, the wind and the snow when that trophy bull is just across the basin.  Great gear means that you will be willing to sit in that stand when it is blowing 30 mph and the temperatures are below 30 degrees.

Sitka is the only gear that I am willing to fully endorse at this time.  I have not had the pleasure yet of testing out the new gear but I know from experience that everything this team does is first class. As soon as I can touch and feel some of this new gear I will get up a new review, but I would not let that stop you from checking it out for yourself.

Download the 2008 Sitka Catalog here!

If you are interested in this gear in Realtree AP or Mossy Oak it will be available exclusively from Cabelas .

Here is the press release from Sitka as well as some pictures of some of the new gear.  As soon as I can touch and feel some of this new I will be posting a new full scale review.

Sitka Website:

Sitka’s New Line Sets the Standard in Hunting Gear and Apparel

April 21, 2008 (Napa, Calif.) – Building off of its success and award-winning designs in 2007,  Sitka partnered with some of the top technical outerwear designers in the world to completely redesign and create new additions to the 2008 line of camouflage and solid hunting gear and apparel.

A new partnership with Polartec® resulted in Sitka’s new Core System and Traverse base layer lines. Using Polartec®’s odor resistant encapsulated silver technology, the base layers system provides the ultimate in moisture management and scent prevention. The Core System uses Polartec® Power Dry® and includes a long sleeve zip-T, long sleeve top and bottom. The Traverse long sleeve zip shirt and bottoms use Polartec® Micro 100 fabric for a superior warmth- to-weight ratio.

Both Polartec fabrics are designed to mechanically wick moisture away from the body leaving hard-core hunters dry and comfortable with minimized scent.  Also new is a cold weather, highly water-resistant soft shell fabric called Celsius. This performance-driven fabric is geared towards tree-stand or still whitetail deer hunts and is incorporated into the new Celsius Series: a three-layer, high-loft soft shell bib, jacket, vest, hat, and gloves. The Celsius line uses body mapping to put insulation where you need it and take it away from where you don’t to enhance fit and range-of-motion.

Rounding out its accessory line, to take hunters from early season to late season hunts, are three new gloves and two, redesigned headwear styles. The popular Mountain Pant has been transformed into the new and improved Ascent Pant, built for all-terrain use.  Building off the success of the Downpour System, which won Field and Stream’s Best of the Best Award in 2007,  the new Nimbus Series is poised to set the standard for extreme weather protection.  Two new hunting specific packs with advanced suspension systems revolutionize the way hunters carry their gear.  Most items in the line will be available in Mothwing Mountain Mimicry, Mossy Oak Treestand, Realtree AP camouflage patterns, as well as an assortment of solid colors.

As usual, Sitka’s designs use state-of-the-art production to incorporate Durable Water Repellency (DWR) fabric finishes, YKK zippers, micro-tape construction and welded seams. Additionally, the line has all new trims this season, from zipper pulls to removable suspenders in the 90% Pant and the new Ascent Pant.

Gear can make or break a hunt and plays a large part in defining the experience. Sitka redefines what people expect from clothing and shifts people’s perception of clothing as an after-thought, to a core piece…their gear.

About Sitka:
Established in 2005, Sitka has quickly become known for its commitment to using the best technology, fabrics, designs, construction and partners to produce the best base layers, insulation, outer layers and accessories available to the hunting market. Sitka Gear excels in the worst of conditions and is built to last.   Sitka: Turning clothing into gear.

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